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Summerset (4.0)
Dragon Bones (3.3)
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Let There Be Light
Version: 1.0.4
by: Cardinal05 [More]
This add-on will no longer be maintained.
As of Patch 4.1, you may assign players the Limited Visitor permission to prevent unwanted changes to lights and other interactive furnishings!

But, if you enjoy Player Housing, please check out these other useful and fun housing add-ons:

Essential Housing Tools
Player Housing's best friend, this add-on allows you to:
  • Snap furniture items together quickly
  • Move and rotate groups of items together
  • Save and restore groups of items as a backup or just to return to at a later time
  • Align groups of items relative to other items (such as 'between two items' or 'level with an item')
  • Copy and Paste groups of items to make clones of the group or to even move or copy it to another house
  • Share copied groups of items with your friends with the Clipboard Export/Import
  • Construct cool circles, spirals, squares, cubes, floors, walls and other shapes out of any group of items
  • Animate groups of items
  • ...and more
Magic Carpet
You can now actually fly in any home with this add-on. Use it to decorate in hard to reach places, duel on it in mid-air and more!

Have you ever returned to your ESO Home to find all of your lights turned off...?

This simple add-on allows your to register one or more Lights, Incense, Crafting Stations and other interactive furnishings in each of your homes. A simple keybind then allows you to automatically restore all of those furnishings to their original state (this is generally the "On" state for Lights and Incense and this will "fix" Crafting Stations that become non-interactive sometimes).

Basic Instructions
  1. Assign keys to the keybinds for this add-on under Settings > Controls > "Let There Be Light".
  2. While in the Housing Editor, target a Light or other furnishing and hit your keybind for "Register / Unregister Furnishing".
  3. To restore all registered items to their default state, enter the Housing Editor and hit your keybind for "Reset Furnishings".
Let There Be Light demo (0:38)

Slash Commands
* NOTE: These commands apply to the current house only.

/ltbl reset
Resets all registered furnishings to their default state.

/ltbl list
Lists all registered furnishings.

/ltbl reg text
Registers all furnishings with the specified text found in the item name. (case insensitive)

/ltbl unreg text
Unregisters all furnishings with specified text found in the item name. (case insensitive)

/ltbl unreg everything
Unregisters all furnishings.

This add-on integrates with Oops I Did It Again to prevent unnecessary Undo history entries.
1.0.3 and 1.0.4
Vastly improved the speed of resetting lights.
Added add-on Settings panel, including: adjustable Light Reset Speed (for those who may still experience lag-related issues) and a Keybind strip toggle (for those who may have a cluttered keybind strip in House Editor mode).
Added Keybind strip to the bottom of the screen when in House Editor mode.
Integration with Oops I Did It Again add-on.

Updated to Dragonbones API version.
Updated the item removal/restore process to more reliably restore items to their original position.

Added a number of new /ltbl slash commands (noted in the Add-on Description).

Increased the per-item delays for both the Remove and the Put operations from 100ms to 300ms.
Added tracking of the assigned Callback Id for the zo_callLater(...) calls used to delay the Remove and Put operations.
Unregistered for updates from the assigned zo_callLater(...) callback Ids to avoid unwanted repeat callbacks.
Added ability to abort an in-progress Reset job by issuing a second /ltbl reset command during the currently executing job.

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As this is my first add-on, feedback would be great for anything ranging from suggestions for improvements to reporting any potential issues that I may not have caught. Thank you so much!
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