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Elsweyr (5.0.5)
Wrathstone (4.3)
Murkmire (4.2)
Wolfhunter (4.1)
Summerset (4.0)
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AiM's Synergy Tracker  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 4.2
by: AiMPlAyEr [More]

This Addon depends on the following libraries:
You can download them like any Addon

Version 4.0 HealerUI
This feature only works in raids (probably in dungeons too, didn't had the time to test it)!
In PVP it only adds players to the frame and does nothing else.
Im currently working on disabling it for anything beside trials (and dungeons).

Gitub: https://github.com/AiMPlAyEr/AiMs-Synergy-Tracker

At first, I wanted to create this Addon in order to help tanks with their Alkosh uptime and to get into writing Addons.
Some time after I started a few people had asked me whether it will be possible to use it for other stuff too like pvp or overland content.
That was pretty much the reason why I changed it's name from "Alkosh Synergy Tracker" to "AiM's Synergy Tracker" (even through I already changed it while developing).

Yes... I'm a genius at naming things

What does this Addon do?
As the name already states it's tracking the cooldown of a few Synergies, such as those of Orbs/Shards, Liquid Lightning and Blood Altar.

Slash Commands
  • /asttoggle - hides or shows the tracker window outside of combat
  • /astmenu - enters the settings menu

  • Combustion and Blessed from Energy Orb and Shard
  • Conduit from Liquid Lightning
  • Purify from Extended Ritual
  • Harvest from Healing Seed
  • Bone Wall from Bone Shield
  • Blood Funnel from Blood Altar
  • Spawn Broodlings from Trapping Webs
  • Radiate from Inner Fire
  • Charged Lightning from Summon Storm Atronach
  • Shackle from Dragonknight Standard
  • Impale from Dark Talon
  • Supernova from Nova
  • Hidden Refresh from Consuming Darkness
  • Soul Leech from Soul Shred
  • Grave Robber from Boneyard
  • Pure Agony from Agony Totem
Version 4.2
  • Updated APIVersion to 100028 (Scalebreaker)
  • The tracking functions have been moved to a separate file (mainly so that i can better maintain the code without breaking something else)
  • Some code optimizations
  • A lot of changes in the settings (seperated settings, only one trackable synergy, only tracking dds)

Version 4.1.1
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version 4.1
  • Fixed some issues with the "tankonly" option
  • Fixed an issue with the "Only shows in Combat" option where the trackers aren't being hidden correctly
  • Fixed Charged Lightning Synergy

Version 4.1
  • Fixed some issues with the "tankonly" option
  • Fixed an issue with the "Only shows in Combat" option where the trackers aren't being hidden correctly
  • Fixed Charged Lightning Synergy

Version 4.0
  • Updated APIVersion to 100027 (Elsweyr)
  • Added Grave Robber Synergy
  • Added Pure Agony Synergy
  • Added an UI for healers (for example if they want to see if everyone got an orb)
  • Adjusted a lot of tooltips
  • Added an option to control time interval of update events (ranging from 50ms to 1000ms)
  • Added an option to let the slider "Tracker Transparency" affect Textures aswell
  • Separated Tracker Settings and Healer Settings to ensure a better overview
  • Synergy Tracker and HealerUI now can be disabled/activated
  • Fixed a few bugs

Version 3.8
  • Synergies can now be toggled without having to reload UI
  • Reworked the way cooldowns, etc. are applied to their respective xml elements
  • Removed a few tables as they were not needed anymore
  • Removed a lot of unnecessary code
  • Added AddFilterForEvent for further performance improvements
  • Changed some texts as I'm still not entirely happy with them (If there are better alternatives, please let me know :) )

Version 3.7
  • Updated API Version for Wrathstone (100026)
  • Removed the libraries LibStub and LibAddonMenu-2.0

Version 3.6
  • more UI adjustments
  • fixed a problem with supernova/gravity crush timer

Version 3.5
  • A few UI changes
  • “compact” timers are now in front of their icons

Version 3.4
  • Updated API Version for Murkmire (100025)
  • Removed ReloadUI dependency from “Background Transparency”
  • Removed ReloadUI dependency from “Window Scale”
  • Removed ReloadUI dependency from “Always Show Tracker Window”
  • Removed some unused code lines
  • Removed a few unused local variables
  • Removed some unnecessary window size calculations
  • Removed AiMs-Synergy-Tracker.xml
  • Fixed an issue where background transparency would throw an error
  • Fixed an issue where the combatstate savedvariable would be ignored, resulting in always showing the window
  • Fixed an issue with ZO_SimpleSceneFragment
  • Fixed another Typo
  • Some adjustments to the settings menu
  • Added Charged Lightning Synergy
  • Added Shackle Synergy
  • Added Impale/Ignite Synergy
  • Added Gravity Crush/Supernova Synergy
  • Added Hidden Refresh Synergy
  • Added Soul Leech Synergy

Version 3.3
  • Added an option to lock the tracker window

Version 3.2.1
  • Changed Title in AiMs-Synergy-Tracker.txt... I don't really know why I changed it in the first place

Version 3.2
  • Added an option for changing size of the tracker window
  • Slightly adjusted the position of the timers
  • Changed font size from 18 to 22
  • Fixed an issue with font scaling

Version 3.1
  • Removed BuildUI function from core.lua and added it to ui.lua
  • Removed local wm WINDOW_MANAGER in core.lua
  • Fixed a Typo
  • Removed an entry from SynergyData table
  • Added Radiate Synergy
  • Adjusted the Tracker window a bit
  • Fixed an issue where the combustion Synergy countdown would reset

Version 3.0
  • Updated API Version for Wolfhunter (100024)
  • Added Radiate Synergy to settings menu (still have to run a few tests)
  • Added unmorphed combustion Synergy
  • Added an option to hide the tracker outside of combat (still needs a few adjustmens, because it’s not well written… quick and dirty so to say)
  • Added a savedVariable placeholder for changing the windows size
  • Did a few adjustments on how the tracker size is calculated
  • Greatly reduced the code needed for updating the timers. I removed about 80% of it…
  • Removed some unneeded code
  • Removed local tracker variables and replaced them with a table
  • Removed ZO_FadeSceneFragment from :Initiziale because of the „Always Show Window“ option

Known issues:
  • Sometimes when activating the combustion Synergy (Orbs) a second event is fired about one second later. This causes the timer to reset and start at 20 seconds again.
  • Once I got an error when changing the option „Always Show Window“ to true and afterwards reloading UI. Please let me know if that happens to you too.

Version 2.0
  • Rewrote pretty much everything regarding on how the tracker window is displayed, because of the new features
  • Changed default values of savedVariables and wiped the old savedVariables because of possible errors
  • Fixed an issue where the Alpha Value would be much higher than intended
  • Fixed an iusse where using a synergy would cause an error
  • Switched from Label to Texture Control for displaying textures
  • Increased the Texture sizes from 32 to 40 pixel
  • Fixed an issue where Tracker.SynergyAlreadyExists always returns nil values instead of true or false
  • Removed table SynergyData for now
  • Removed almost every Control in the xml file because most of it is being handled via lua now
  • Added an option to show or hide any synergy
  • Added Spawn Broodlings and Charged Lightning to the settings menu (they are deactivated because I couldn't test them yet)
  • Added new "display mode" compact

Version 1.1.1
  • Fixed a problem where some synergies were not tracked (thanks to Liofa for testing)

Version 1.1
  • Fixed an issue where UnregisterForUpdate wouldn't fire
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed some logic errors
  • Fixed an issue where the displayed cooldown is longer than intended
  • Removed title from tracker window
  • Removed Synergy names
  • Added a few libraries like LibAddonMenu-2.0 and LibStub
  • Added a settings menu
  • Added a preference setting to change the alignment of synergies
  • Added a slash command for toggling the tracker window (/asttoggle)
  • Added a slash command to enter the settings menu (/ast)
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Thank You!

Tested this recently and it works very nicely ^^ I have few suggestions though.

First one is having different UI options. This window is kinda huge to be honest ^^ Maybe it's because of the name at the top, it has an unnecessarily big size. One thing that might help with this is letting us remove the texts in there. We don't necessarily need to see the "Energy Orb/Spear Shard" text because there is already a picture of the synergy. If it only had pictures and the countdowns next to them, it would be much more compact and easy on the eye.

I already saw the future plans such as letting us choose which ones we want to see. That definitely needs to happen in my opinion and would help the size issue I mentioned before.

Anyway, this looks great I hope you make it even better in the future for all tanking community ^^ Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
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