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Scalebreaker (5.1.5)
Elsweyr (5.0.5)
Wrathstone (4.3)
Murkmire (4.2)
Wolfhunter (4.1)
Summerset (4.0)
Dragon Bones (3.3)
Clockwork City (3.2)
Horns of the Reach (3.1)
Morrowind (3.0)
Homestead (2.7)
One Tamriel (2.6)
Shadows of the Hist (2.5)
Dark Brotherhood (2.4)
Thieves Guild (2.3)
Orsinium (2.2.4)
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Created:04/23/14 02:38 PM
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Version: 2.23
by: Asto [More]
1. English Description
2. Deutsche Beschreibung (German)

Thanks to Llwydd for the french translation of the AddOn.

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English Description

What is this AddOn about?
I like achievements and i like to know what to do to complete them and what type of achievements exist without browsing through the entire achievement catalog: This AddOn displays lightweight chat notifications if you make progress in an achievement (please see the screenshots).

  • Shows a chat notification if you do something that is needed for an achievement
  • Triggers on each action or just in x% steps of the achievements requirements (configurable)
  • Can show some details in the chat notification like (kill 250/1000 Humanoids)
  • You can toggle the notifications for each category
  • Lightweight: It is not always present and shows up only when necessary


Deutsche Beschreibung

Was hat es mit dem AddOn auf sich?
Ich mag Erfolge und weiß gerne was ich tun muss um diese zu erledigen und was es überhaupt für Erfolge gibt, ohne das ich mir jetzt alle im Detail anschauen muss: Dieses AddOn zeigt einfache Chat-Benachrichtigungen an, wenn man einen Fortschritt in einem Erfolg erzielt (siehe die Screenshots).

  • Zeigt Chat-Benachrichtigungen, wenn etwas gemacht wird was für einen Erfolg nötig ist
  • Wird bei jeder Aktion angezeigt, oder in x% Schritten (konfigurierbar)
  • Kann weitere Details zum Erfolg anzeigen, wie (töte 250/1000 Humanoide)
  • Benachrichtigungen können für jede Kategorie einzeln (de)aktiviert werden
  • Einfach: Das AddOn ist nicht immer sichtbar, sondern ist nur präsent wenn es nötig ist

[email protected].
Release 2.23
  • New API version

Release 2.22
  • New API version

Release 2.21
  • New API version

Release 2.20
  • New API versions
  • Now all the new achievement categories are enabled by default in the settings panel

Release 2.16
  • New API version

Release 2.15
  • New API version

Release 2.14
  • New API version

Release 2.13
  • New API version, Morrowind ready

Release 2.12
  • New API version

Release 2.11
  • New API version

Release 2.10
  • French translation

Release 2.9
  • New API version

Release 2.8
  • Fixed a bug, thanks to merlight

Release 2.7
  • New API version

Release 2.6
  • New option that outputs incomplete tasks of an achievement in the details only
  • New option that outputs the details line by line (necessary for pChat compatibility)

Release 2.5
  • New API version

Release 2.4
  • New API version

Release 2.3
  • New API version

Release 2.2
  • Fixed an incompatibility with pChat (a leading "h" in chat notifications)
  • There is still an existing incompatibility with pChat regarding long notifications. pChat cuts off too long messages, I'm not sure why yet.

Release 2.1
  • Internals / Refactoring

Release 2.0
  • Finished the LAM 2.0 Upgrade to support the current version of ESO (The result: An all new and shiny settings page)

Release 1.0
  • New API Version (Craglorn)
  • Added the possibility to change the notification step width with a slider (default 25%)

Beta Release 0.93
  • Added a notification if an achievement is completed
  • Added a notification when you discover an achievement for the first time
  • Fixed an achievement not showing up
  • Fixed the behavior of showing notifications every 25% - this should now work correctly
  • Optimized internals

Beta Release 0.92
  • Added an optional Debug Mode if you think you found an error
  • Fixed achievement notifications using the wrong achievement category
  • Fixed a problem that all achievements instead of only the currently active achievement of a progress line were shown
  • Changed the color of the notifications

Beta Release 0.90
  • Initial Release
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Unread 04/25/14, 11:35 AM  
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I'll go tweak the settings. I installed the add-on (I believe .92) and then jumped into a group dungeon, quickly looked for settings and didn't see it in the mix of the 45 add-ons I have installed and everyone insisting on listing their add-on by their name and not the add-on name and I had to disable it temporarily because of the hurried attitude in these dungeons.

I'll update, re-enable it and play with the settings. Thanks for the response and clarification.

Any thoughts on having a smaller optimized window show up on first start of an achievement somewhere inconspicuous? This would pretty slick to show when a new achievement was started but definitely not a large centered box right during battle when the first mob is killed and there are more to go in the group.
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Unread 04/24/14, 11:34 PM  
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Originally Posted by choekstr
Perhaps an option to turn off chat notification or single summation messages every minute?
Nananana Batmaaaaan
Thanks for your feedback!
There are already three options for this in the add-on settings menu:
  1. You can temporary disable the add-on notifications with the first setting ("add-on enabled")
  2. You can disable the setting "show every update" to get notifications every 25% only (I am going to optimize this feature soon, it has a bug)
  3. You can (temporary) disable the achievement category for the spamming achievements

Did you test the new version 0.92? 0.9 had the bug to show more achievements than needed

I've uploaded the new version 0.93 with a fixed behavior for showing notifications on every 25%
best regards,

Last edited by Asto : 04/25/14 at 05:10 AM.
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Unread 04/24/14, 09:53 PM  
choekstr's Avatar

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Whoa, holy spam batman! I went into a dungeon and started fighting and it just spammed my group window for every hit I did in a group dungeon. Like dozens of pages for all the damage I was doing. Perhaps an option to turn off chat notification or single summation messages every minute?
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