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Murkmire (4.2)
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Version: 0.43.4
by: sirinsidiator [More]
This addon augments the guild store interface with many useful additions.

  • Search Tab Improvements
    • Category filters like in the inventory
    • Subcategories similar to Advanced Filters
    • Range sliders for level, price and quality filters
    • Multi selectable item property filters (traits, enchantments, etc.)
    • Text filter for results on current page
    • Persistent filter state
    • Reset buttons for each individual filter and all filters at once
    • Search history and favorites
    • Start search button
    • Per unit price display
    • Loading overlay
    • Advanced page navigation
  • Sell Tab Improvements
    • Categories selection like on the search tab
    • Select items quickly for listing with a single click
    • Sliders to select sell quantity and unit price
    • Full craft bag support
  • Listing Tab Improvements
    • Sortable headers
    • Number of listed items
    • Loading overlay
  • Select guilds quickly with two clicks from the dropdown or even faster via the mousewheel
  • Shows the current guild trader location in a tooltip
  • New custom Icons
  • Full support for English, French, German, Russian and Japanese
  • *BETA* List of all guild traders in Tamriel (enable in the settings and access it via the guild menu)
  • and more

Q: Why are there no trait materials in "Crafting > All"?
A: Due to the amount of new item types added for jewelry crafting, we once again hit the API limit for how many different item types we can search in the guild store.

Q: Why are there no search results, even when there are some with AGS disabled?
A: In most cases you cannot compare the results to the vanilla store, because AGS offers a plethora of "local" filters that hide results on the current page of up to 100 items. If you do not get results, check the number of results on the bottom. If it shows something like "100 (0)" it means your local filters hide all mismatching items. Press ctrl to temporarily disable them or try to reset some of them until you get results. In case it shows 0 results on the bottom, try to adjust the server side filters or try to reset all filters. If you still don't get results even though you have reset all filters, you will have to relog as there is a rare bug (or feature?) in the API that prevents you from searching.

Q: Why can't I sort items by name?
A: The API does not have an option to sort by name. Until local sorting becomes a feature of AGS or ZOS updates the store API it won't be possible.

Q: Why are there no more frequent updates to AGS?
A: I already implemented all the quick and easy stuff, so new features take quite some time to make and time is a limited resource as addon development is just a hobby.

Q: When can I use this awesome addon in gamepad mode?
A: There are currently no plans to support gamepad mode.

Q: When will ZOS improve the API to remove all those limitations?
A: I asked about it a long time ago and also made some suggestions, but never got an answer. In one of the ESO Live episodes they briefly mentioned that they have "long term plans" for the guild store interface, but it is already 2018 now and there are still no changes.

Q: My Deal Filter disappear/stopped working/throws errors?
A: The deal filter is not part of AwesomeGuildStore. It always has been a part of Master Merchant, so you need to check for updates there.

Q: The window with my favorites and search history disappear. How do I get it back?
There is a button which toggles that window:
Warning: Spoiler

If it looks like in the image and you still cannot see the window, try typing "/ags reset" in chat. That command restores the default position of the search library window in case it has gone off-screen.

French Translation by Ayantir
Russian Translation by KiriX
Japanese Translation by k0ta0uchi
Huge thanks to QuadroTony for always finding the most obscure bugs
Thanks to everyone who writes in the comment section. You are the people that motivate me to continue developing this addon.

Text Filter Tutorial:
The text filter currently only works on the up to 100 items that are shown on the current page.
This is because text filtering is not supported by the addon API (yet) and done locally on the client.

Once you enter something in the text box, it will instantly hide any entry that is not matched by the expression.
Search terms are case insensitive and are matched against the item name and set name where applicable.
Besides searching for names it is also possible to filter for specific item links.
You can easily acquire an item link via the context menu on any item or item link by pressing "Link in Chat".
Just cut and paste it from the chat input to the search box with ctrl+X and ctrl+V.

The text filter recognizes many commonly seen operations that will allow you to filter for exactly the terms you want.
You can require all search terms to be present in any order by separating them with a space.
Or you can separate them with a "+" which will mark the beginning of a new search and allow you to find multiple different items.
You can change how operators are applied by using parenthesis or even exclude terms by putting a "-" before it.
It's also possible to filter for an exact sequence of characters by using double quotes.
The search terms are limited to a length of 250 characters to keep some leeway for planned features.

List of allowed operators:
  • ' ' (space), '&': combine two words with AND
  • '+', "/": combine two words with OR
  • '-', '^', '!': negate expression
  • '~', '*': soft match item link (only item id instead of all fields)
  • '(', ')': control the order in which operators are evaluated
  • '"': filter for an exact term, handling operators in between two double quotes as part of a term

Note: Single quotes are not part of the search term
  • 'shadow ring' will match any item that contains shadow AND ring in any order.
  • 'los +col +mou' on the alchemy ingredients subcategory will match Columbine OR Bugloss OR Mountain Flower
  • 'chapter (helmet+bow)' on the motif subcategory will match any motif chapter that has helmet or bow in its name
  • 'chapter -(helmet+bow)' on the motif subcategory will match any motif chapter that does not have helmet or bow in its name
  • 'chapter " 1:"' on the motif subcategory will match any motif chapter 1 (just 'chapter 1' would also match chapter 11 or motifs that have a number in the tens)
  • '|H1:item:54339:129:50:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:8454917|h|h' on the potions subcategory will filter for vr5 [Panacea Of Health] tri-stat potions
  • '~|H1:item:54339:129:50:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:8454917|h|h' on the potions subcategory will filter for any health potion
There are many possibilities, so try what you can think of and let me know in the comments if you found an especially useful combination!
version 0.43.4:
  • marked LibCustomMenu and LibStub as dependencies (they come bundled with AGS, but you need to make sure you enabled them in your addon menu!)

version 0.43.3:
  • updated LibCustomMenu (it's no longer loaded via AwesomeGuildStore, so make sure you enable it in your addon menu!)
  • fixed level and quality filter not working correctly in some cases

version 0.43.2:
  • updated libraries
  • updated for Murkmire

version 0.43.1:
  • changed formatting of currency values to use game internal function
  • updated filter preset for furniture
  • updated libraries
  • updated for Wolfhunter

version 0.43:
  • added drag and drop support for listing items from the craft bag
  • added integrity check at startup
    • NOTE: this will produce an assertion error on load if files are missing and the addon won't continue loading. That way it will be easier for me to tell which errors are due to missing files and which errors are real bugs
  • fixed insecure code errors when using inventory items via the keybind after opening the craft bag on sell tab before opening the inventory (thanks votan and shinni)
  • fixed "add to listing" context menu showing on right clicking the listing slot on the craft bag sell tab

version 0.42.2:
  • added jewelry materials button to furnishing material type subfilter

version 0.42.1:
  • added jewelry sketches button to recipe type subfilter
  • updated LibFilters

version 0.42:
  • added new category for jewelry, following the example of the ingame UI
  • removed subcategory for jewelry from the apparel category
    • NOTE: old entries in the search library will still show "Apparel > Jewelry". When you select them, a new entry will be created and you can remove the old one, once you no longer need it
  • added shields to "Apparel > All"
  • added new jewelry traits to subfilter
  • added new combined subcategory for all trait materials
  • added new subfilter for trait materials
    • NOTE: like with the jewelry entries in the search library, the old ones will still show. When you select them, a new entry will be created and you can remove the old one, once you no longer need it
  • added new subcategory and subfilter for jewelry materials
  • removed trait items from "Crafting > All"
    • NOTE: This was unfortunately necessary due the same old API limitations that prevented that whole subcategory in the past
  • updated item style filter for new styles
  • fixed item style filter loading some styles incorrectly (e.g. Hlaalu as Dark Elf + Nord)
  • fixed item price overlapping the research icon
  • added id for the WritWorthy Voucher Price filter to the list
  • updated bundled libraries
  • add Brazilian localization (thanks mlsevero!)
  • updated for Summerset

version 0.41.1:
  • updated LibCustomMenu (fixes retrieve menu sometimes showing when trying to list items from the crafting bag - thanks votan)
  • use LibCustomMenu for registering context menu entries to ensure future compatibility
  • updated Russian localization (thanks Kirix)

version 0.41:
  • improved timing for the auto search when opening the guild store
  • fixed an error when opening guild store before the inventory and afterwards trying to interact with items in the inventory via keybinds
  • fixed errors for the German localization when visiting certain traders while the guild list feature is active (thanks snow)
  • updated LibCustomMenu and libCommonInventoryFilters (fixes an error on the sell tab when ingame filters are used instead of the AGS filters - thanks votan)
  • updated French localization (thanks lexo1000)
  • updated for Dragon Bones

version 0.40:
  • added new setting for short chat message prefix ([AGS] instead of [AwesomeGuildStore])
  • added "set to character level" button to level filter on search tab
  • fixed page item count showing an incorrect number in some situations
  • fixed known motif filter not working for Ebonshadow chapters
  • fixed error when visiting the Orsinium Outlaws Trader in French with Guild Store List active (thanks Ayantir)
  • fixed an issue that could cause secure context violations (thanks Votan)
  • updated German translation
  • updated libCommonInventoryFilters, LibMapPing and LibGPS

version 0.39.1:
  • updated libCommonInventoryFilters (fixes remaining missing searchboxes)

version 0.39:
  • added trading guild tab to the guild list feature (shows all visited guilds and their kiosk history)
  • fixed sell tab category buttons overlapping with the ones from the stock UI
  • fixed style filter showing unlabeled entries in the "new" category
  • updated libCommonInventoryFilters (fixes missing search boxes)

version 0.38.3:
  • fixed search library showing up on next game start when it was toggled off

version 0.38.2:
  • fixed purchase message not showing the guild name when buying at a kiosk
  • fixed some potential errors when savedata got corrupted
  • implemented savedata autorepair functionality which will set missing values on load

version 0.38.1:
  • fixed compatibility with MM deal percentage
  • updated Russian localization (thanks Kirix)

version 0.38:
  • added settings to revert new behavior of the stock UI (minimize chat, reset filters on exit)
  • added warning when sell price is below vendor price
  • colorized quality names in search history tooltip
  • fixed search library not properly hiding when the guild store is not left in an orderly fashion
  • prevent search result list jumping to top when an item is purchased
  • keep purchased items in result list until page is left (can be switched off in settings)
  • updated French localization (thanks Ayantir)
  • updated bundled libraries
  • prepared for Clockwork City update

version 0.37.6:
  • updated item style filter to correctly show style names in non-english clients
  • fixed an error on startup when the kiosk in Vivec City Outlaws Refuge has not been visited before with the Guild Trader List active

version 0.37.5:
  • updated item style filter to use checkboxes in the context menu
  • fixed an error when visiting the kiosk in Vivec City Outlaws Refuge with the Guild Trader List active
  • updated libraries

version 0.37.4:
  • fixed an error when opening the guild store introduced in 0.37.3
  • updated filter for provisioning furnishing materials
    • NOTE: only newly listed items will show up in the correct category. Items listed before the update will continue to show in provisioning > rare materials so you should relist your decorative wax!

version 0.37.3:
  • rewrote item style filter from scratch
  • updated libraries
  • updated for Horns of the Reach

version 0.37.2:
  • updated Russian localization
  • updated libraries

version 0.37.1:
  • updated French and German localization
  • added level filter to consumable subcategories which can support it now
  • fixed level filter not being removed correctly when switching to a category without it

version 0.37:
  • switched to a new localization system
  • added new filter options for drinks, provisioning ingredients, siege items and furniture crafting materials
  • fixed perfect roe not showing up in provisioning ingredients
  • partially fixed furnishing material subcategory
    • NOTE: Decorative Wax is currently found in Provisioning Ingredients / Rare Ingredients due to how ZOS has changed the item categories. This will be fixed in a future game update
  • partially fixed furnishing subcategory
    • NOTE: crafting stations, light and target dummies should now work as expected
  • added fish to consumable > all
    • NOTE: it has been in consumable > container for a long time already
  • added collectibles to misc > trophy and a new button for rare fish to the trophy subfilter
    • NOTE: some event related collectibles can be sold on the guild store
  • increased active subfilter button limit to 24 from 8
    • NOTE: currently only affects the trait and enchantment filters for equipment
  • removed duplicate crafting > all button on sell tab
    • NOTE: this also fixes the furnishing material button being off screen
  • fixed many issues with guild trader list in languages besides English
  • fixed some occurrences of "Warning: Could not match kiosk name"
  • fixed a rare problem where looking at the vivec city outlaw's refuge trader would throw an error
  • updated bundled libraries

version 0.36:
  • added "All Materials" button to crafting category on search tab
  • fixed armor trait filter not working for intricate shields
  • updated for Morrowind

version 0.35.2:
  • updated Russian translation (thanks KiriX)
  • updated French translation (thanks Ayantir)
  • updated German translation

version 0.35.1:
  • fixed listing of sub stack quantities not always working (thanks everyone who reported it - let me know if you still have issues after this fix)
  • fixed a nil error when trying to open the guild store after switching language while the kiosk list is enabled
  • updated bundled libraries

version 0.35:
  • improved output when selling from craft bag or partial stacks fails
  • implemented unit price support for master writ vouchers
  • moved furnishing materials into their own category
  • added new ingredient types to alchemy material filter
  • added new food type filter to food category
  • fixed pending items sometimes not getting cleared when they are sold
  • fixed position of the master writ category button on the sell tab
  • removed compatibility code

version 0.34.2:
  • fixed a bug which could cause full stacks being sold instead of the chosen quantity in some cases
  • changed how pending items are cleared on the sell tab in order to improve compatibility with other addons
  • changed how the trader dialog is skipped in an attempt to fix occasional long waiting times when the "Skip guild kiosk dialog" option is on
  • changed how resetting search tab filters works in order to account for a newly added base game feature.
    • NOTE: as a result the "Remember filters between store visits" setting has been removed and is now permanently on
  • changed how filters are sorted - they will now always appear in the same order (server side > local > 3rd party)
  • removed level filter for categories that do not support it
  • added filter categories for master writs and furniture items
  • added new filter options for recipes and trophies
    • NOTE: the new furniture recipes are found in the consumable > recipe category
    • NOTE: the recipe improvement filter is currently not fully compatible with the new recipes
  • improved performance when opening the trading house for the first time and when switching between item categories
  • increased width of slider input boxes on sell tab so the whole unit price is visible for more expensive items
  • added a new tab to the guild menu showing a list of all guild traders in Tamriel
    • NOTE: this feature is currently off by default and you need to activate it in the settings first
    • NOTE: the list is updated whenever you visit a trader as there is no API to get global trader data
    • NOTE: trader names are language specific and when you switch the client language, the tab stays disabled
    • NOTE: you can delete all data in order to start over in a different language via the settings menu
    • NOTE: it hasn't been tested in any language besides English - please report any errors you may encounter
  • updated bundled libraries
  • updated API version
  • updated French translation (thanks Ayantir)
  • updated German translation

version 0.33.2:
  • fixed BoP tradeables showing up on sell tab
  • updated libraries
  • updated api version

version 0.33.1:
  • fixed level filter text input not working as expected (#1806)
  • updated Russian translation (thanks KiriX)
  • updated Japanese translation (thanks k0ta0uchi)

version 0.33:
  • updated item style filter with new styles
  • added overall price of all listed items for a guild on the listings tab
  • added a message when all items on a page are hidden by local filters
  • changed how 3rd party filters are marked
  • fixed some filters being marked as local even though they are server side
  • fixed level filter not saving its state correctly in some cases
    • NOTE: If you have favorites that have been affected by this bug, you may need to update them
  • updated LibFilters to 2.0r2, LibCustomTitles to r12 and LibAddonMenu to r22
  • updated Russian translation (thanks KiriX)
  • updated French translation (thanks Ayantir)
  • updated German translation
  • removed compatibility code

version 0.32.5:
  • fixed an error caused by a change in 0.32.4 (thanks for reporting it estera)

version 0.32.4:
  • fixed selling of stacks smaller than the last sold amount not working
  • fixed input of decimal values not working properly
  • fixed quantity input accepting decimals
  • fixed last sold values not being saved properly for potions and poisons

version 0.32.3:
  • updated LAM to r21
    • NOTE: This should fix the error in line 50 of SellTabWrapper.lua that some of you have been seeing. If it still shows up, please let me know
  • fixed keybind option not behaving as it should when setting it to something different than the default

version 0.32.2:
  • updated LAM to fix a widespread error (Thanks to everyone who reported this and special thanks to Randactyl for testing!)
  • updated manifest. This version of AGS is compatible with PTS and live. If you find any errors on the PTS, please report them

version 0.32.1:
  • added Japanese localization (thanks to k0ta0uchi)
  • fixed upgrade procedure for very old save data

version 0.32:
  • implemented craft bag support for sell tab
    • You can switch between the inventory and the craft bag with the buttons in the top left corner of the sell tab
  • added quantity and price per unit slider on sell tab
    • The sliders will remember the quantity and unit price when you sell an item
    • The quantity slider offers buttons to quickly select the last sold quantity or the full stack. The last selected quantity will be automatically selected if available or the stack size otherwise
    • The unit price slider offers buttons to quickly select the default value (3 * item value), the last sold unit price and Master Merchant's average price. Depending on availability it will pick the last sold price, Master Merchant price or the default price in that order. It will also use Master Merchant's last sold price if no data is saved in AGS
    • NOTE: You need one free inventory slot to sell anything that is smaller than the stack or coming from the crafting bag, as it will be moved there and then sold
    • NOTE: you should also disable Master Merchant's price calculator as it is no longer required and will overlap with other UI elements
  • fixed items not getting fully deselected when changing guild on sell tab
  • fixed keybind resetting to default
  • added LibCustomMenu for the context menu in the search library
  • updated libCustomInventoryFilters and LibCustomTitles
  • removed compatibility code and fully updated for Dark Brotherhood

version 0.31.1:
  • first compatibility pass for DB on PTS
    • NOTE: This version is compatible with live and pts
  • added poison item types
    • NOTE: Due to the new 9th item type in the consumable category, fish will no longer be part of "Consumable > All". You can still find them in "Consumable > Container".
  • added new item styles
  • adjusted filters for removal of veteran rank
  • replaced some icons with new ingame icons

version 0.31:
  • made "disable local filters" key re-assignable
  • implemented advanced page navigation
  • fixed skip empty pages not starting over when a filter was changed
  • fixed undesired results showing up when clicking a favorite or history entry with auto search enabled
  • fixed buttons of other addons not getting relocated properly in some cases (thanks uladz)
  • updated French and Russian translations (thanks to Ayantir and KiriX)
  • added LibCustomTitles

version 0.30.2:
  • fixed an error when visiting a guild store while on the gamepad UI
  • update LibAddonMenu to r20

version 0.30.1:
  • fixed starting a different search while skipping empty pages is not going back to page 1
  • fixed skip empty pages continuing to queue searches even when not on the search tab

version 0.30:
  • added sort headers for favorites (sort by name or search count) in search library
  • fixed the search library window going completely off screen in some rare cases
  • ctrl key temporarily disables local filters in search tab
  • added option to automatically skip empty pages when local filters hide all results (off by default)
    • NOTE: Master Merchant has a similar option. It is highly recommended that you only activate one of them at a time!
  • automatically remove focus from text fields when changing the selected guild via mouse wheel
French translations are provided by Ayantir (Thanks!)

version 0.29.1:
  • updated LibFilters to r16.1
  • updated LibAddonMenu to r19

version 0.29:
  • fixed several bugs and issues with the new text filter which may cause some patterns to behave differently in the new version
    • the '^' and '-' operators have been change to behave more intuitively (thanks to Godzynon for reporting this)
    • '!' continues to behave as before and can be used as a replacement if your filter pattern relies on it
  • fixed the known trait filter not working for all item types (thanks Wandamey)
  • added buttons for all new craftable styles to the style filter

version 0.28:
  • added recipe improvement filter
    • NOTE: if the new icons do not show up, either restart the game or delete your shader cache and restart it
  • fixed ancient orc motif not being filtered by the known motif filter
  • improved unit price filter to support prices below 1 and decimals
  • implemented some improvements for addon developers suggested by merlight
    • instead of using the global CALLBACK_MANAGER, AGS now uses its own callback object. See StartUp.lua for details
      • NOTE: the old way via CALLBACK_MANAGER is still in place, but will be removed in a future version
    • added compatibility for custom tabs in the guild store
      • NOTE: AGS can call the RunInitialSetup, OnOpen, OnClose methods for your custom tab if you register it inside the BeforeInitialSetup callback. See TradingHouseWrapper.lua for details
    • simplified how local filters are applied
  • improved text filter to allow exclusion of terms besides some other things. see addon description for details. (thanks for the help merlight!)

version 0.27.4:
  • updated libFilters to r16
  • fixed mercenary motifs not getting filtered
  • slash command (/ags reset) for resetting history window size & position

version 0.27.3:
  • fixed item links in purchase, sell and cancel messages showing as []

version 0.27.2:
  • updated to API version 100013
  • added support for FastAPI
    • NOTE: FastAPI is a small program that automatically changes the API version of supported addons so they don't show as out of date in game when a major update occurs
  • added a tiny delay before local filters (e.g. text filter) start filtering so they do their work less often while you change them

version 0.27.1:
  • added a new callback for external filter registration to fix their state not being restored when auto search is active (e.g. MasterMerchant's Deal Filter)

version 0.27:
  • fixed malachite shards not showing in the materials > all category on the sales tab
  • fixed local filters not working on first store visit in some cases
  • added item style, item set and crafted item filters
  • added notifications for when an item listing is cancelled
  • added notifications for when an item listing is created
    • NOTE: This is disabled by default in the settings as MM has a similar feature that cannot be disabled at the moment.
      You will need to delete line 288 and 289 in MasterMerchant.lua if you want to use both addons and use the AGS message instead
  • extended queue system to support page buttons
  • implemented highlighting of current filter state in search library
  • changed colors of show more and show previous page entries to be easier distinguishable
  • updated French, Russian (thanks Ayantir and KiriX) and German Localization

version 0.26:
  • updated API version to 100012
  • updated libFilters to r15.2
  • updated level filter to support vr16
  • fixed sell tab sometimes not showing as enabled on first store visit
  • updated Russian localization (thanks to KiriX)

version 0.25
  • added fish to consumable > container and consumable > all
  • added LibCustomFilters and an option to disable sell tab filters in favor of regular ingame inventory filters
  • updated LibStub to r4 and LibFilters to r15.1
  • added option to automatically skip the dialog at a guild kiosk
    • NOTE: You can hold the shift key while talking to a trader to show the usual dialog
  • added shift+click to cancel listings without showing the confirmation dialog
  • implemented first part of revised API cooldown handling
    • For now only applies to search, cancel listing and request listing operations
    • This means the search button will no longer be greyed and when you press it, it will queue a search request which will be executed once the store is ready
    • Only one search request may be queued at a time
    • The auto search feature will also use this queue and now works at the bank guild stores too
  • Updated French localization (thanks to Ayantir)

version 0.24
  • removed shields from "Weapon > All"
  • added chat purchase notification
  • fixed error on sales log refresh after joining or leaving a guild
  • updated French and Russian localization (thanks to Ayantir and KiriX)

version 0.23
  • added option to disable invoice in mails while still showing sales information
    • Note: The invoice is now disabled by default and you have to reactivate it if you want to see it
  • fixed confusion about profit and sent gold on the invoice (thanks QuadroTony and Ayantir)
  • improved compatibility with some mail addons
    • Note: The invoice and show more button are currently not working when MailR is also active. This requires some changes in MailR which I already asked the author to add
  • added new filters for unit price, researchable traits and unknown runes
  • added experimental auto search feature
    • Note: For technical reasons this is currently not working when opening the guild store at a bank and also causes strange behavior when favorite or history entries are clicked before the search cooldown ends
  • added unit price display to listings tab
  • added French translation (a big thanks to Ayantir!)
  • updated German translation

version 0.22
  • fixed listing count not being updated when an item is canceled
  • added sales info to mails

version 0.21
  • updated russian localization (thanks to KiriX)
  • hid stolen items on sell tab as they cannot be sold anyways
  • fixed micro freeze on category change
  • fixed price range not getting restored from history or favorites
  • added missing subcategory for containers to consumables category
  • updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 to r18

version 0.20
This release contains some fundamental changes to the code. If you notice anything that does not work as expected, please let me know in the comment section.
  • moved most of the startup code into separate lua files
  • updated filter state serialization to allow other addons to save their custom filter states
  • rewrote most of the filter code to be more generic
  • implemented dynamic filter and button layout on search tab
  • removed some settings that are no longer available
  • added Russian localization (thanks to KiriX)
  • added loading overlay to listings tab
  • added sort headers to listings tab
  • improved text filter on search tab (see addon description for details)
  • added known recipe and motif filters
  • added visual difference between normal and local filters (bluish colored label and a descriptive tooltip on mouse over)
  • fixed last selected guild name being overwritten when you visit a kiosk
  • fixed many other things that nobody ever noticed ;)

version 0.19.1
  • updated libFilters to r14
  • changed when libFilters are initialized (this may or may not help with some crashes)
  • fixed a case where the "no results" label showed up while the show previous page button was visible

version 0.19
  • updated to latest API version (100011 / update 6)
    • Note: This release is backwards compatible to update 5, but it will be shown as outdated in the addon manager
  • updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 to r17
  • allow changing the sort order without triggering a search when no results are shown
  • added option to always allow changing the sort order without triggering a search
  • added feature to remember the last selected sort order in the search tab (you can disable it in the settings)
    • Note: In Update 5 disabling it in settings might not work as expected
  • added "show previous page" entry to search result list
  • reset subcategory when clicking on the currently selected category button in search and sell tab
  • always show the Guild Tabard when the Appearance subcategory button is clicked, even when it was already active
    • Note: This will clear the shown search results
  • select items in the sell tab with a single click (can be disabled in settings)
  • added option to disable tooltips with details about an entry in the search library
  • added tooltip that shows the currently hired trader of a guild when you hover over the guild name
    • Note: Only works when you access the store from a bank or an owned trader
    • Note: In update 5 this does not show the tooltip when you hover over a guild name in the dropdown menu
  • fixed incorrect guild order when switching via mouse wheel
  • added context menu to search library with functions to:
    • open AGS addon settings directly
    • clear history or favorites
    • undo the last one deletion (e.g. when you delete both history and favorites you can only undo the deletion of the favorites, so be careful!)
    • lock/unlock window size and position
    • reset window size and position
    • close the window
  • added option to clear history between game sessions
    • Note: This will only clear the history when you open the store for the first time and in addition you can undo this via the menu in the search library

version 0.18
  • fixed guilds having a random order in the selector dropdown
  • fixed a few cases where the loading indicator overlay could get stuck
  • fixed listing count not being updated in listing tab when an entry is cancelled
  • fixed inventory layout not being reset correctly when switching to inventory view directly from store
  • fixed "items not found" message not disappearing when tabard is shown in costume subcategory
  • fixed some cases where a warning ("too many searches") is generated even when we know that we are on cooldown
  • improved history delete button behavior to always delete on first click
  • the delete button on the next item after you deleted one is now disabled until you reenter it with the mouse (I will add a confirmation dialog in the future instead)
  • added author and version number to settings panel
  • added a very visible "show more results" entry at the end of the page when there are more results available
  • added current page number to navigation bar
  • reenabled the remember last guild feature because the default UI does not remember it between game starts

version 0.17
  • added libFilter hooks to sell filters to make them compatible with other addons (thanks Randactyl and Baertram)
  • fixed guild name in the selector on top and the keybind strip becoming desynced when other addons changed the selected guild directly
  • added delete button to history entries

version 0.16
  • implemented mousewheel guild switch (move the mouse over the guild name)
  • removed remember last guild feature (is now part of the stock ui)
  • added number of listed items to listing tab

version 0.15
  • reviewed filter categories
  • added missing subcategory for trophies to misc (e.g. treasure maps)
  • changed "all armor" subfilter to really show all items in the available armor subcategories
  • combined rings and necklaces into jewelry subcategory (this change might break or change some favorites in the former necklace and costume categories)
  • added subfilters for rings and necklaces to jewelry subcategory
  • changed style subcategory to show dwemer scrap (sorry QuadroTony :p)
  • added subfilters for raw materials and style materials to style subcategory
  • fixed costume subfilter not showing costumes but only tabards (it will now show tabards when you change to the costume category and costumes when you search the store as they overwrite each other)

version 0.14
  • added setting for per unit price
  • reduced font size of per unit price a tiny bit
  • made favorites window resizable
  • fixed listings not being refreshed on guild change
  • added some folders to tame the mess of files that AwesomeGuildStore is

version 0.13.1
  • fixed an exception when guild kiosks have an invalid state after visiting a guild store. This is a bug in the game which I can do nothing about. It will (hopefully) be fixed with the next game patch.
  • added a normal UI error message that tells you that the kiosk is bugged.

version 0.13
  • fixed layout problems in other inventory screens after using the sell tab filters when Advanced Filters is present
  • added per unit price labels for item stacks
  • reduced favorites window height to fit in the space above the guild store window (I will make it resizable in a future update)
  • updated LibAddonMenu2 to latest version
  • updated to API version 100010

version 0.12.4
  • fixed an exception in some cases when serializing the current search filter state
  • fixed an exception when loading a state of a category that has no subfilters

version 0.12.3
  • fixed subfilters (e.g. traits) not getting reset when a saved entry does not contain a value for it

version 0.12.2
  • fixed search keybind not working in some cases when clicking on favorites or history entries
  • fixed sales category filter not refreshing on subsequent store visits
  • search results are no longer cleared when clicking on favorites or history entries

version 0.12.1
  • added workaround for disabled search keybind strip when no results are found
  • updated level range slider to support to vr13/14

version 0.12
  • added first version of category filters to sell tab
  • added setting to switch between old and new quality button behavior

version 0.11
  • added enchantment filters for weapons, armor and jewelry
  • changed order of filters to reduce empty space
  • updated to API version 100009

version 0.10
  • fixed a rare exception in the search library
  • added tooltips for search library entries
  • changed quality selection button behavior so that normal click will set range to clicked level and shift+click sets min and max level depending on which button is used

version 0.9.2
  • fixed a game crash when visiting another kiosk after a zone change in some situations

version 0.9.1
  • fixed exceptions when history contains more than 50 entries

version 0.9
  • added button to directly save currently set filters as favorite
  • changed level range selection to search for level 1-50 items when 1-50 is set in the text fields. Leaving them empty will now search for all items regardless of level.
  • added buttons to allow renaming of history and favorite entries
  • name filter now allows searching for set names. if you enter "set" you will only show set items (or items that have "set" in their name)

version 0.8.3
  • fixed an exception on search when the category filter is disabled in settings
  • fixed sub filters not being reset when loading a history or favorite entry

version 0.8.2
  • fixed an exception when updating from an older version before 0.7

version 0.8.1
  • fixed an exception getting thrown in the search library when no saved variables file exists

version 0.8
  • fixed filtering for VR 1-12 showing all item levels (level 1-50 still also shows VR items as it is the default case. Will be change in a future version to work like the price range)
  • added search library
    • history shows the last 50 searches
    • entry names are automatically generated using the category, subcategory and name filter (editing feature is planned for a future version)
    • searches can be saved as favorites by hovering over the history entry and clicking on the star
    • favorites are sorted by search count

version 0.7
  • changed level selection to remember both level and VR when changing between them
  • save last selected filter state between sessions

version 0.6
  • added loading overlay
  • added item name quick filter
  • improved range slider behavior
    • you can now click on any part to move the closest slider handle towards the point where you clicked
    • you can move the range around when you click and drag the handle in the middle
  • disable search button when opening a store until the store is ready to prevent search from locking up

version 0.5
  • changed labels to use text from the game where possible
  • added german translation
  • changed level selection to allow filtering for a single level
  • changed quality selection buttons to allow for better control of the range
    • left click sets the minimum quality
    • right click sets the maximum quality
    • double or middle click sets both to the clicked quality

version 0.4
  • added category filter replacement

version 0.3.1
  • fixed items without levels not showing up (e.g. materials)

version 0.3
  • added price range slider
  • added individual reset buttons
  • change overall reset button style and position

version 0.2.1
  • fixed quality selection not working as intended

version 0.2
  • added level range slider
  • added quality range slider + buttons
  • added settings
  • added start search button

version 0.1.1
  • fixed veteran level button getting reset when closing the store window
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Unread 12/04/18, 02:40 AM  
Onigar's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 2
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The features you provide as part of this Addon make shopping so much easier. Thank you

I like the "Recipe Knowledge" filters (unknown and known recipes) and wonder if you could please add a similar filter for Consumable, Container items such as Runeboxes and Style Pages.

I do have a filter string but I guess I wil be running out of text chars to extend it fairly soon;

+-apple+-cherr+-colov+-dwemer+-breath+-hollo+-scint+-jugg+-mud+-nord+-pump+-scare+-sixth+-sword+-thick+-"darr's"+-"bris' sho"+-"kena's sho"+-rend's+-"king's"+-scamp

(This string filters the ones I have already learnt)


edit: typo
Currency Manager: http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1998
Bag Manager: http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info2091
Last edited by Onigar : 12/04/18 at 02:50 AM.
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Unread 11/30/18, 03:49 AM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 2
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Can you add TTC support?
Sorry for my English =)
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Unread 11/14/18, 10:37 AM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 10
Uploads: 0
Why does the base ESO ui have better filtering for Furnishings than this addon? That seems backwards. Please include better filtering.
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Unread 11/02/18, 09:44 PM  
IsharaMeradin's Avatar

Forum posts: 7
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Would it be possible to have separate search filter histories for each server?
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Unread 11/02/18, 03:24 PM  

Forum posts: 88
File comments: 765
Uploads: 0
request feature/bug

i cant find subfilter for research scrolls
please add one

and attunable stations still not under proper category? ZOS fixed them according to patch notes
Last edited by Marazota : 11/02/18 at 03:25 PM.
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Unread 10/31/18, 10:37 AM  
FWSWBN's Avatar

Forum posts: 13
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I personaly love this addon, its great, really great and make searches much more easy.

one question.....

-possible to add a search option for masterwrits voucher?

I mean a textfield where I can insert for example .... 100 (now it searches only masterwrits with 100 and more voucher).
I dont know if this is possible, if so, it would be very nice if you can make it
Last edited by FWSWBN : 10/31/18 at 10:38 AM.
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Unread 10/30/18, 02:59 PM  
sirinsidiator's Avatar
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Forum posts: 1150
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Originally Posted by Marazota
i found "ClearCursor()" in this addon, so MAY BE it responsible for issue number 2
from this topic of bugs
>siri.exe MyAddon
Does your addon work? [y/n] n
There is a typo in there.
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Unread 10/30/18, 01:44 PM  

Forum posts: 88
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i found "ClearCursor()" in this addon, so MAY BE it responsible for issue number 2
from this topic of bugs
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Unread 10/29/18, 01:55 AM  

Forum posts: 88
File comments: 765
Uploads: 0
better add big red leters on top of ADDON INFO page about recent changes
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Unread 10/27/18, 12:05 PM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 4
Uploads: 0
Originally Posted by sirinsidiator
When I download the archive from the link and extract it, I get the exact same files that I uploaded to ESOUI. May I ask which program you are using to extract the files? If you are not already using it, try to extract it with 7-zip and check if it makes a difference.

I tried, it made no difference. However, when I looked in the Addons list, I noticed this:

Is this something I am meant to download separately? I'm suddenly confused, because I've been using this addon for a long time and I never had to before.

*Edit: I now notice that your changelog suggests something like this?

Edit #2: Yes, downloading LibCustomMenu and LibStub and installing them separately has fixed the problem.
Last edited by GhanimaAtreides : 10/28/18 at 02:29 AM.
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Unread 10/27/18, 10:06 AM  
sirinsidiator's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 1150
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Originally Posted by GhanimaAtreides
Originally Posted by sirinsidiator
Originally Posted by GhanimaAtreides
I am getting the same error. I am not using Minion.
Is it the exact same error with the same lines? If so, does it happen again after you extract the files from the same downloaded archive again? In that case, could you please upload that archive so I can check if it looks different to the original one that I uploaded to esoui?

Yes, the same thing happens no matter how many times I download it.

This is the archive that I get: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bba...ew?usp=sharing
When I download the archive from the link and extract it, I get the exact same files that I uploaded to ESOUI. May I ask which program you are using to extract the files? If you are not already using it, try to extract it with 7-zip and check if it makes a difference.
>siri.exe MyAddon
Does your addon work? [y/n] n
There is a typo in there.
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Unread 10/27/18, 06:48 AM  

Forum posts: 0
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Uploads: 0
Originally Posted by sirinsidiator
Originally Posted by GhanimaAtreides
I am getting the same error. I am not using Minion.
Is it the exact same error with the same lines? If so, does it happen again after you extract the files from the same downloaded archive again? In that case, could you please upload that archive so I can check if it looks different to the original one that I uploaded to esoui?

Yes, the same thing happens no matter how many times I download it.

This is the archive that I get: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bba...ew?usp=sharing
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Unread 10/27/18, 05:39 AM  
sirinsidiator's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 1150
File comments: 691
Uploads: 28
Originally Posted by GhanimaAtreides
I am getting the same error. I am not using Minion.
Is it the exact same error with the same lines? If so, does it happen again after you extract the files from the same downloaded archive again? In that case, could you please upload that archive so I can check if it looks different to the original one that I uploaded to esoui?
>siri.exe MyAddon
Does your addon work? [y/n] n
There is a typo in there.
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Unread 10/26/18, 10:52 AM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 4
Uploads: 0
Originally Posted by sirinsidiator
Originally Posted by Mix
I updated this morning using Minion and am getting the following UI Error in game.

assertion failed
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'assert'
user:/AddOns/AwesomeGuildStore/StartUp.lua:168: in function 'IntegrityCheck'
user:/AddOns/AwesomeGuildStore/StartUp.lua:229: in function 'callback'
user:/AddOns/AwesomeGuildStore/StartUp.lua:32: in function '(anonymous)'
|caaaaaa<Locals> event = 65536, name = "AwesomeGuildStore" </Locals>|r

It results in AwesomeGuildStore not showing at all in the Guild Store screen.
This means minion has failed to extract the addon correctly. Can you please upload the minion.log file somewhere so I can check if it shows why it failed? Once you have done that, try to reinstall the addon.

I am getting the same error. I am not using Minion.
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Unread 10/24/18, 10:33 AM  

Forum posts: 88
File comments: 765
Uploads: 0
Originally Posted by sirinsidiator
It would actually be enough to remove all LibCustomMenu folders that contain a version older than ~6.3. Meaning that it won't be an issue since those old addons won't get an update OR if they do, they should contain the new version 6.6.2. It also means that you could just delete the Lib in all addons except AGS, since I bundled the new version, but I figured it would be easier to just nuke them all and install it as standalone.
ok to more important bugs

quality filter not working
level filter not working
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