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Advanced Audio Toggles
Version: 1.0
by: muh [More]
Ever just stood around in a city, maybe alt-tabbed out of game and some NPC is telling someone to cry them a river and float out of Craglorn over and over again and it got annoying?
Ever just wanted to be able to mute the in-game music easily so you could listen to your own music without clicking through several menus? And as easily turn it back on again if you want to get a bit more immersed in Tamriel?

This addon allows you to mute/unmute every individual audio source in the game.
Either via:
  • /advat followed by the source you want to mute/unmute
  • Keybind for every source to toggle their mute/unmute state with just a press of a button

Audio sources are
  • Master - Controls volume of everything audio
  • Music - Controls music volume
  • Sound - Controls the volume of sound effects, which include all of the following
    • Ambient - Volume of ambient sounds like rivers, birds, wind, etc.
    • Effects - Volume of abilities, collectibles, etc.
    • Footsteps - Volume of footsteps of every character and mounts.
    • Dialogue - Volume of NPC dialogue. Including fan favorites like "Do YoU kNoW hOw LoNg I hAvE bEeN lOoKiNg FoR yOu?"
    • Interface - Volume caused by your interface, like opening your inventory or character screen. Also includes most sounds produced by addons.

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