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Idle Animations Continued
Version: 1.0
by: SwaggyBatman [More]
Greetings travler!

I am a big fan of the Idle Animations Addon. Sadly it's missing profils for a few newer personalites, like the thief or the commander personality. I took it upon my self and added profils for these personalites. I also added and changed the other profiles to be a little bit more autentic. I also added a few lockbox and crown emotes to the profiles.
All credits go out to the original authors.

Original description:
I've marked the new and changed profiles.
~ Profiles ~
Adventurer - The Indiana Jones of ESO.
Athlete - Show everyone how fit you are!
Bard - Plays musical instruments.
Beggar - Gonna beg. Haters gonna hate.
Crazy - Uncle Sheo would be proud.
Custom - Create your own!
Dancer - Shut up and dance!
Drunk - Shouting, cheering, and falling down drunk.
Drunk Classy - For civil wine, cheese, and cabbage tasting parties.
Duchess - Tuned to work with the Personality of the same name.
Glutton - Lots of eating and drinking.
Heroic - Stand tall!
Jester - Tuned to work with the Personality of the same name.
Mage - Always practicing spells and writing down ideas.
Normal - Good for everybody!
Religious - Praying you find RNGsus.
Scholar - Wait, I have to write this down.
Telvanni - Tuned to work with the Personality of the same name.
Thief - Always on the lookout for guards!
Commander - Youre fighting a war - act like it!
Tough - Fit and ready to pound heads.
Zombie - Rrrawwrrr...

~ Slash Command ~
Easy access is available as:
/ia on - Enables the mod (if disabled).
/ia off - Disables the mod without needing to reload the UI.
/ia <profile> - Set the profile to use.
/iamenu - Opens the addon configuration menu.

Weapon will unsheathe following an animation if unsheathed prior to animation (no fix due to coding limitations)
Sitting players may unexpectedly stand up. Again, API limitation of knowing when a player is interacting with an object in the world.
I've planned to integrate the new emotes created through Emomento into fitting profiles.
I'll try to maintain and improve this mod. If you got a request feel free to message me.
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Thank you for this! Really really looking forward to emomento compatibility!!
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Thanks for updating this AddOn; love it!
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