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HideHousePreviews on World Map  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 3.0.25
by: Baumkuchen3 [More]
This addon does the following things:
  • Options to hide preview icons for houses you haven't purchased (or only hide preview icons on the Tamriel map)
  • Shows red question marks for undisvoered/new houses.
  • Toggle displayed (and keybindable) on the World Map that allows you to quickly switch between:
    • Show all houses,
    • Hide preview houses (only purchased houses stay visible),
    • Hide all houses
This Toggle button can be disabled in the options.
This toggle doesn't persist through sessions.

This Addon is an update to the origional Upload: HideHousePreviews - which is outdated.
Original Author: Noobanidus
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Unread 05/14/22, 05:10 AM  
Eagleheart's Avatar

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This is good one to reduce cluttered view.

I wish that settings would stay through the adventure session. Big thanks for making this welcome QOL addon that doesn't simplify gameplay & progress. Wish good path ahead to author Kindly: ESO Subber who dreams of living somewhere in Tamriel.
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Unread 06/08/19, 07:58 PM  
Pavel Sg

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Can't hide UNpurchased houses

Hi, thank you for the addon!
There is only one problem so far...

UNpurchased houses are still visible on a zone map. (global Tamriel map works fine)
No matter what settings I use, houses that I do not own are still visible.
Other similar addons have the same issue.

Is there any way to fix this?
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Unread 03/26/19, 07:02 PM  

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I'm curious. Can you have it also hide un-owned houses in the zone map view?
Player of NA Megaserver
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