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Greymoor (6.0.5)
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Stonefist Tracker
Version: 1.0
by: Hyperioxes [More]
This addon is discontinued, it's now part of Hyper Tanking Tools

UI that helps tracking Stagger debuff on bosses as well as Stonefist stacks on yourself.

UI appears only in combat but you can make it appear and move it by typing /stonefisttracker

Above text "Stonefist Tracker":
Purple bar shows remaining time of Stonefist buff on yourself (stones floating around you)
Green dots indicate remaining stacks on your Stonefist buff.

Below text "Stonefist Tracker":
List of bosses with their names and their Stagger debuff uptimes. Colors indicate amount of stacks:
- flashing dark red - 0 stacks
- red - 1 stack
- yellow - 2 stacks
- green - 3 stacks

Planned features (random order):
-customization settings
-tracking uptime not just on bosses, but also on current target

Known issues:
-doesn't track uptimes on minibosses in vCR+3 as the game doesn't consider them bosses

Please report any bugs or suggestions in the comments, so far I haven't tested it much (mostly Sunspire).
Any feedback is appreciated.
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Akopian Atrebates

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I will be more interested in this once you have the customization features in. Specifically, it takes up a lot of screen real estate. However, if you can also combine it with other timed buff features (like set buffs that disappear after x time unless renewed) maybe you can find a worthwhile way to combine enough info in the currecnt space to justify the screen usage!? I don't know. But anyway, I always love new stuff like this and noticed myself how the new stonefist took a little more attention than I would like. This will solve that problem.
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