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Murkmire (4.2)
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Created:11/04/18 10:02 AM
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Version: 1.0
by: Coorbin [More]
This addon periodically logs your guild members' activity to a saved variables file. The format consists of:
  • Timestamp when the snapshot was saved,
  • Name of the guild,
  • @handle of the user,
  • Time (in seconds) since they were last online, or 0 if they're on now,
  • Their rank (represented as a number)

The saved variables file can be parsed by a Lua or LSON parser, or transformed into JSON (the latter is pretty easy with a series of regexes). You can then analyze the data how ever you like. I'm also working on a separate tool to store this data into a Google BigQuery datasource; check out https://github.com/allquixotic/ESOGuildActivityDataUpload
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