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Guild Member Note Template Addon

/gmnt - Guild Member Note Template
Usage: <index> <@handle> [arguments...]
- index: REQUIRED. The 1-based number corresponding to the template to apply (see addon settings)
- @handle: REQUIRED. The @handle (including '@') for the member to set a guild note for
- arguments: OPTIONAL. A space-delimited list of arguments to apply to the template. If an argument has a space in it, surround it in quotes. If you need quotes inside the argument, escape them with a backslash.

Templates support the following variables:
- $DATE - the current date in MM/DD/YYYY format.
- $SELFAT - the @handle of YOUR account (the one running the command).
- $SELFCHAR - the character name of YOUR character (the one currently logged in).
- $THEMAT - the @handle of the person whose guild note is being changed.
- $THEMCHAR - the character name of the target's currently logged-in character.
- $1, $2, $3, etc - space-separated arguments on the command line

# Example
/gmnt 3 @Coorbin one "second argument" third "fourth\'argument"
- index => 3, meaning the third template is being used
- @handle => @Coorbin, meaning the guild note will be updated for @Coorbin
- $1 => one
- $2 => second argument
- $3 => third
- $4 => fourth argument

In the above example, if template #3's text is:

Date: $DATE
Arg1: $1
Arg2: $2
Arg3: $3
Arg4: $4

- Assuming the current date is 11/9/2018
- Assuming the person running this command is logged on as the character Foo McGee

Then the "filled-out" template from the above example would be:

Date: 11/9/2018
Source: Foo McGee
Target: @Coorbin
Arg1: one
Arg2: second argument
Arg3: third
Arg4: fourth'argument
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