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by: Marcelovski [More]
MarcelovskiMarkers automatically places a target marker on an enemy player whenever you use a previously specified ability. All players in your group can see the marker even without this addon.

This greatly improves group coordination in pvp scenarios as it is a lot easier to just see the target than having a name called out.

As a default, Poison Injection places a skull marker whenever used, but this can easily be changed with the commands listed below. Any number of skills can be used.

  • "/mama help": Shows a list of all commands.
  • "/mama bars": Prints the IDs of all slotted abilities.
  • "/mama add <ID>": Add an ability to place target markers whenever it is used.
  • "/mama remove <ID>": Stop an ability from placing markers when used.
  • "/mama remove all": Stop all abilities from placing markers (defaults to Poison Injection).
  • "/mama marker <1-8>": Choose one of the 8 available target markers to be used. (See Screenshot)
  • "/mama skills": Lists all skills that currently place markers when used.

Currently, this addon only works in pvp scenarios. I might include a pve mode in the future.
I will work on a nice interactive settings menu soon.
In rare cases, a marker can be placed on the wrong target. Such markers will be removed automatically whenever the enemy is looked at.
If multiple people use the same marker type, they will overwrite each other.
Saved skills are per character, not accountwide.

This is my first addon, so if anything doesn't work as intended please tell me!
Thanks @ExoY for helping me get started.
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Unread 10/27/23, 01:30 PM  

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Hello! The addon is really good and quite convenient. Only it still needs some improvement Because sometimes instead of enemies, the marker is placed on the players of the group or on the players of my alliance!
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Unread 06/03/23, 04:12 AM  
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haha niceeeeee
I wondered how fast you added the markers when we did some resources together a while ago.

I even told my group about it and wondered if there is an addon for this, but didnt found any.

Now i see it by chance in the "recently updaded" section

it has the potential to become a must-have for the leader in groups soon
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