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Prismatic Warning
Version: 4.5.4
by: Pretz333 [More]
With the change to the prismatic enchant, this AddOn has lost its purpose and is therefore retired.

Prismatic Warning alerts when to equip a weapon enchanted with a prismatic onslaught enchant (henceforth called a “prismatic weapon”) in dungeons, trials, and arenas. Prismatic Warning can also auto-equip and unequip the prismatic weapon as needed if desired.

Why use this AddOn?
  • Using a prismatic weapon instead of a weapon with the typical weapon damage or flame enchant significantly increases a player’s DPS, but can only be used on daedra and undead.
  • It can be difficult to remember what bosses are daedra or undead, so this AddOn reminds you to equip a prismatic weapon when you approach one of the supported bosses.

How to use this AddOn:
  • Install LibAddonMenu-2.0 (if not already installed)
  • Install this AddOn
  • Once installed, there is a setting window under the AddOns section of settings that I highly recommend to take a look through.

Important Notes:
  • Prismatic Warning won’t check if you should equip or unequip a prismatic weapon while in combat as you can’t change weapons while in combat. This also helps keep Prismatic Warning more “lightweight” than it otherwise would be.
    • The only exception to this is when you cross the final equip/unequip boundary in partial prismatic dungeons, where Prismatic Warning will check despite being in combat. The check will follow other rules, such as not displaying the On-Screen alert while in combat if you have the “Hide the On-Screen alert in combat” setting enabled. However, auto-equipping will not change weapons in this scenario, even after leaving combat.
  • Prismatic Warning will not tell you to unequip a prismatic weapon upon leaving a dungeon, trial, or arena if you do not port into a new dungeon, trial, or arena. For example, if you finish Crypt of Hearts and port to Auridon, Prismatic Warning will not tell you to unequip the prismatic weapon.
  • If you have auto-equipping enabled and Prismatic Warning is tracking if you should have a prismatic weapon equipped, Prismatic Warning will not allow you to swap to a non-prismatic weapon if it believes you should have a prismatic weapon equipped or vice versa. It will keep swapping the weapon back to what it believes should be equipped until auto-swapping is disabled or the dungeon is no longer tracked.
  • If something (typically base population, also called adds or trash) can be killed in less time than it takes to swap weapons, Prismatic Warning will not tell you to swap despite the fact that they do not take prismatic damage and you are holding a prismatic weapon or vice versa.
  • Prismatic Warning doesn’t support prismatic weapons in the off-hand slot, as it’s currently not worth using a prismatic enchantment on dual wield weapons.

Known Bugs:
  • If you have chat alerts enabled and are in a group, Prismatic Warning can send multiple “You will need a prismatic” messages on a dungeon start
  • The alert is sketchy at best for Ra Kotu in Hel Ra Citadel
  • If you are in a partial-prismatic dungeon using the map to look at a zone you aren’t in and you cross one of the equip/unequip boundaries, you will not be alerted to equip/unequip the prismatic weapon.
    • I’m not planning on fixing this bug, as it is such a edge-case that very few people will ever encounter it

To Be Added:
  • Delve support
  • Better handling of the no-partial dungeons setting. Currently, if this setting is enabled, all partial-prismatic dungeons are treated as nungeons.
  • Have the auto-equipper run upon exiting combat after crossing the final equip/unequip boundary.
  • Translations of the settings menu and alerts. Everything on my end should be done, if you can translate, please:
    • Open the “lang” folder inside the AddOn folder
    • If a copy of your language code (fr, de, ru, etc.) doesn’t exist, make a copy of the “new.lua” file and rename it to your language code
    • Translate as many of the sentences or words in between the quotes inside the file as you want. For example if I was attempting to make a French translation, the first line of the file is PRISMATICWARNING_ALERT = “Prismatic”, I would want to change that to PRISMATICWARNING_ALERT = “Prismatique”,
    • Leave a comment with the new/updated translation (the lang.lua file)

The below section is information not about Prismatic Warning.

All Dungeons, Trials, Arenas, and their Daedra/Undead:
Every dungeon, trial, and arena is in this list, even if they do not have significant daedra/undead. If there is a boss that is not on this list and you have a CMX parse or ESO log proving that the boss took prismatic damage, please leave a comment with the boss selected on the parse/the log link so I can add the boss.
  • Blue text means the boss does not count, but in my opinion, should

  • Aetherian Archive - Storm Atro, Foundation Atronach
  • Asylum Sanctorium - None
  • Cloudrest - None
  • Hel Ra Citadel - Ra Kotu
  • Kyne’s Aegis - Lord Falgraven
  • Maw of Lorkhaj - Rakkhat
  • Sanctum Ophidia - None
  • Sunspire - None

  • Blackrose Prison - No bosses, arguably still worth using on the 3rd and 5th arena?
  • Dragonstar Arena - Arenas 7 and 9
  • Maelstrom Arena - Rounds 1, 6, 8, 9
  • Vateshran Hollows - Brimstone (red) path and the Wounding (blue) path

Dungeons with no significant undead/daedra (“nungeons”):
  • Arx Corinium
  • Black Drake Villa
  • Blessed Crucible
  • Darkshade Caverns 1
  • Darkshade Caverns 2
  • Elden Hollow 1
  • Frostvault
  • Fungal Grotto 1
  • Icereach - Vearogh the Shambler (flesh atro) and Stormborn Revenant (dead when you arrive. See the definition of “Revenant”)
  • Lair of Maarselok
  • March of Sacrifices - Dagrund The Bulky (dies and resurrects in front of the group)
  • Moon Hunter Keep
  • Ruins of Mazzatun
  • Scalecaller Peak - Zaan (undead dragon priest)
  • Selene's Web
  • Stone Garden
  • Volenfell
  • Wayrest Sewers 1

Dungeons with some significant undead/daedra (partial-prismatic dungeons):
  • Banished Cells 1 - Cell Haunter, Shadowrend, Angata the Clanfear Handler, Skeletal Destroyer
  • Banished Cells 2 - Maw of the Infernal, Sisters Vera & Sihna, High Kinlord Rilis
  • Blackheart Haven - Atarus, The Hollow Heart, Captain Blackheart
  • Bloodroot Forge - Earthgore Amalgam
  • Castle Thorn - Blood Twilight, Vaduroth, Talfyg, Lady Thorn
  • City of Ash 1 - Infernal Guardian, Warden of the Shrine, Dark Ember
  • Golor the Banekin Handler doesn’t take prismatic damage, but it takes longer to unequip a weapon, kill Golor, and reequip it than it does to just kill Golor. Because of this, Prismatic Warning won’t tell you to unequip near Golor.
  • Cradle of Shadows - Sithera, Khephidaen The Spiderkith, Velidreth
  • Depths of Malatar - The Scavenging Demise
  • Direfrost Keep - Guardian of the Flame, Drodda's Dreadlord, Quest-Boss Trio, Iceheart
  • Elden Hollow 2 - Dubroze The Infestor, Azara the Frightener, The Shadow Guard, Bogdan the Nightflame
    • Murklight is in a subzone called "Daedric Realm" and uses the same character model as the "Daedric Lurchers". Though, Daedric Lurchers currently do not take prismatic damage, meaning they also are not a daedra.
    • Dark Root should probably also count since they exit the same type of portal that the player uses to enter the Daedric Realm.
  • Falkreath Hold - Cernunnon, Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor
  • Fungal Grotto 2 - Spawn of Mephala
  • Spindleclutch 1 - The Whisperer
  • Spindleclutch 2 - Mad Mortine, Praxin Douare, Flesh Atronach Trio, Urvan Veleth, Vorenor Winterbourne
  • Tempest Island - Stormfist
  • Unhallowed Grave - Nabor (vampire/undead, notes about him are unclear), Ondagore the Mad (Lich), Voria’s masterpiece

Dungeons that (essentially) only have undead/daedra (full dungeons):
  • The Cauldron
  • City of Ash 2
  • Crypt of Hearts 1
  • Crypt of Hearts 2
  • Fang Lair - Cadaverous Bear (the whole menagerie does not count), Ulfnor
  • Imperial City Prison
  • Moongrave Fane
  • Vaults of Madness
  • Wayrest Sewers 2
  • White Gold Tower - Molag Kena
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If prismatic weapon already equipped the addon shows a non removable screen messsage. it is not critical but a bit annoying
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Very helpfull. Thanks alot.
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