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Morrowind (3.0)
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Excessive Withdrawals - Kith's Build
Version: 1
by: kitherel [More]
Note: Not intended for general public use, do so at your own risk.

Credit for the Excessive Withdrawals mod goes to the original author: Depeshmood

This my own build of the Excessive Withdrawals add-on, it has a number of additional features, such as:

GUI to monitor guild bank withdrawals showing account, value and item count (exceeding warn threshold).
Option to warn when logging out if guild rank x and above have guild bank withdrawal enabled, this is handy for those who only allow withdrawals when guild leader is logged in with add-on running.
Suppress warnings to chat window when GUI is showing
Keybindings for GUI and overriding the popup screen warning of the guild bank being open.

This build whilst operational was intended for use by members of my guild. However several people have asked me to upload it and others may find it useful for some of the API examples it contains.


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