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PhaeroX Friends
Version: 1.0.4
by: PhaeroX [More]
PXFriends -- Keep track of your friends and where they are in a movable window that you can place where you like. You choose which friends you'd like to track and whether or not you just want to see when they are online. You have the ability to color code the names to create groupings etc.
V1.0.4 -- 2019/05/17
- Elsweyr API bump.
- Made LibAddonMenu2 an external dependency so you need to install LibAddOnMenu2 if you haven't already.
- Simplified the friend setting to no longer use a section for each friend.
- No longer showing when interacting with inventory etc.

V1.0.2 -- 2019/03/03
- Bug fix on capitalization of Alliance causing issues when loading saved variables.

V1.0.1 -- 2019/03/03
- Moved Notify options above all the friends, and small bug fix to seconds since logoff.

V1.0.0 -- 2019/03/01
- First version.
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Unread 08/25/19, 09:26 AM  
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Cool Patch for this great addon!

Originally Posted by PhaeroX
Thanks for the feedback. I'm about to release Elsweyr compatible versions of my add-ons where I've updated this addon to not show during menu interactions etc.
@PhaeroX For sure my man! No problem. I did have a couple small issues, which I already went ahead and updated within my own personal copy, but I thought it would be helpful to you and others to include the changes on this page. Check out all my addon code for reference: Here!

These changes allow the addon friends interface to show when the cursor mode or chat modes are activated as well (hudui), which will allow the player to position the addons interface on their screens with more ease during their setup or if they want to move things around later.. in v1.0.4 the friends UI disappears whenever you activate chat or cursor mode to drag the interface around. This (v1.0.5) patches that behavior for convenience. I have included a function to remove the interface when any other menus are open in order to compensate for whenever a player starts to type/use cursor mode etc (PXFriends.lua)..

I have also went ahead and updated the API and addon version numbers within the settings menu (PXFriends.txt, PXFriends.lua) for Scalebreaker, as well as the version history file (VersionHistory.txt). Already neatly packaged up for you and ready to go. Please consider using these files or the code alterations in the next release! I hope you find this useful and that you have a wonderful day. -P5YCH3
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Unread 05/19/19, 01:46 PM  
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Re: Review: Interface Feedback

Thanks for the feedback. I'm about to release Elsweyr compatible versions of my add-ons where I've updated this addon to not show during menu interactions etc.
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