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Awesome Events.
Endless Archive (9.2.5)
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Awesome Events Example Mod: Merchant Balancing
Version: 1.7 build-22
by: Ze_Mi [More]
Welcome to this introductory guide on extending the functionality of the AwesomeEvents addon! In this tutorial, we will explore an example addon that demonstrates how to enhance and expand upon the capabilities of the existing AwesomeEvents addon. By delving into this example, you'll gain valuable insights into effectively extending addons within the context of your projects. Let's dive in and discover the exciting possibilities of extending AwesomeEvents!

To begin extending the AwesomeEvents addon, follow these straightforward instructions:
  1. Download the files of this example addon.
  2. Rename every occurrence of AwesomeEventsMod to your mod name.
  3. Enable the debug flag within your addon configuration settings.
  4. Implement your custom logic to enhance the functionality of the addon.
  5. Thoroughly test the modifications within your Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) installation to ensure they function as intended.
  6. Publish your modification as a new addon.

For more infos, please visit the AwesomeEvents page at
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