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Murkmire (4.2)
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ESO Master Recipe List  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.56.0
by: Phinix [More]
ESO Master Recipe List

UPDATE: The new gifting system is a great way to keep addon authors interested: Please check the Donate tab!

Big thanks to Daveh for maintaining the ESO Data pages and to all who contribute to the ESOUI AddOn Wiki

Also, major thanks to esoui.com member Shinni for ItemPreview/LibPreview which made the 3D previews possible!

NEW SEARCH OPTION: To search for a recipe you can hover your mouse over the bottom right of the window and click in the search box, and type the name. You can also search for all recipes of a certain level range by typing a number in the search box. For CP levels type "cp" (without quote) followed by a number. Additionally, typing "cp1" (no quotes) will show all recipes that scale from 1 to max level.

SEARCH OR TRACK BY IMPROVEMENT LEVEL: New in version 1.52 is the ability to show all recipes of an improvement level by clicking the numerals at the bottom right. Shift-clicking these will set all recipes of that improvement level to tracked, which is very helpful when leveling your cooking as you can quickly add tracking icons to only the recipes you need in the search results at guild stores.

NEW 3D FURNITURE PREVIEW: Can now right-click items on the furniture list to see a 3D preview! NOTE: There are some items that will not show a preview due to current API limitations.

Video showing earlier updates / (Follow-up video)

This addon has been rebuilt with many powerful new features:
  • Master Recipe List window with all cooking and furniture recipes in ESO.
  • Browse labeled and quality color-coded categories or text search for recipes at cooking stations.
  • Single-click search for all recipes required for current writ (now works in non-English!).
  • Option to show list of characters that know the recipe or that can make a food item in the tooltip.
  • Scroll list shows which recipes are known, unknown, writ-required, or tracking.
  • Adds additional tooltip info for tracked ingredients and recipes (and those needed by writs).
  • Bind a show/hide key under ESO Master Recipe List in control settings.
  • Slash commands available: /mrl and /recipes will both show/hide the window.
  • Track individual ingredients.
  • Auto-mark all ingredients needed by all currently tracked recipes combined.
  • Popup tooltips for all list items (can be toggled between recipe and created food tooltips).
  • Shift-click any item to link in chat.
  • Inventory and guild store icons for tracked/known/unknown (optional) recipes and ingredients.
  • Sliders to customize the positioning of the inventory icons globally.
  • Added new recipe configuration panel (click the book icon to toggle)!
  • All characters that know any recipes and are tracking show in the above list.
  • Delete any character from your tracking database (useful for deleted characters.)
  • Select all recipes as tracked with a single click.
  • Select as tracked all recipes NOT known by the currently selected character.
  • Select all recipes in a tier (left side navigation) as tracked by shift-clicking nav button.
  • Set up per-character filters to auto-junk or auto-delete untracked recipes and ingredients when looting.
  • Save/load tracked ingredient selection to global ingredient profile.
  • Added support for FCO ItemSaver by request.
  • Added option to show ingredients in craftable food item tooltips.
  • Added option to ignore stolen items when auto junk/delete is on.
  • Added support for Inventory Grid View.
  • Full Cooking Station integration!
  • Food and Drink categories are now color-coded by the quality of food or drink they produce.
  • Optionally add stat icons to each category showing which stats their created food or drinks will buff.
  • New writ tracking system! Categories show gold check, recipes highlighted gold.
  • Added "needed by current writ" to the created food tooltips that show in the provisioning station.
  • Added button to open/close MRL from the provisioning station.
  • Added button to toggle showing blue check by categories containing known tracked recipes, and highlight these in blue.
  • Added button to show/hide the created food tooltip at the cooking station.
  • Implemented new "alt tracking mode" for inventory icons.
  • Added support for the Psijic Ambrosia recipe and items.
  • Allows opening/closing any category (or multiple categories) at the cooking station.
  • Added new Orsinium recipes as well as all event recipes.
  • Search for all recipes that use all selected ingredients.
  • Writ tracking for ingredients and food items!
  • NEW: Support for all Homestead craftable furniture items!
  • Added new "Reset Navigation" button (moon icon) at cooking station to collapse all categories.
  • Added support for CraftStore Fixed and Improved.
  • Can now choose a different characters for food and furniture when tracking unknown recipes with inventory icons.
  • NEW: Can now click to navigate or shift click to track all recipes by improvement level!
  • NEW: Added option (plus sign at bottom right) to set all recipes currently showing in the list to tracked.
  • NEW 3D FURNITURE PREVIEW: Can now right-click items on the furniture list to see a 3D preview! *

* NOTE: There are some items that will not show a preview due to current API limitations.

English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish now fully supported!

FEATURE FOR ADDON DEVELOPERS: You can now easily check if Master Recipe List is tracking a given recipe or ingredient. For example, in your code you could check if Master Recipe List is running and pass it the itemLink of a recipe or ingredient to check if that item is currently being tracked using this simple implementation:

if ESOMRL and ESOMRL.ISMRLTracking(itemLink) then

If you experience installation/upgrade problems please first try the following:
  1. Exit the game.
  2. Uninstall MasterRecipeListAltFormat (not part of this addon and while maintained by the author, is no longer necessary as the functionality is built-in to this addon now).
  3. Go to \Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables\ folder and manually delete the MasterRecipeList.lua saved variables file.
  4. Go to \Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\ and manually delete the MasterRecipeList folder.
  5. Re-download and install ESO Master Recipe List.
  6. Start the game and log in to each of your characters.

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Version 1.55.9:
  • Updated LibStub, minor maintenance.

Version 1.55.9:
  • Added all new Murkmire furniture recipes:

    Warning: Spoiler
Due to the addition of many new recipes the database stucture has changes significantly, and therefor requires logging into each character once more. I realize this is soon after the last major update but this is merely an unfortunate coincidence. This is usually only needed once per expansion/DLC that adds new recipes.

Version 1.55.8:
  • Fixed debug message about ignored due to stolen filter when auto junk/destroy not being applied for object.
  • Fixed tooltip name list sometimes showing gaps between names.

Version 1.55.7:
  • Added new option to alphabetize 'known by' and 'craftable by' tooltip lists when enabled, or use the order characters appear in on the login screen.
  • Added new display mode "Shift Toggled" to tooltip 'known by' character display. Holding shift while bringing up the tooltip will show the list of characters that do NOT know the recipe. Not holding shift shows a list of characters that DO know the recipe.
  • Changed saved variables to be specific to the Megaserver you log into so you can switch between PTS, NA, or EU with the same @account without getting overlapping character data.
  • Changed to unique ID-indexed character saved variables to make addon settings name-change proof.
  • Improved character deletion function to automatically disable tracking character feature if a tracking character is removed.
  • Updated all translations with Google Language for not yet translated lines.
  • Added comments to all saved variables in the \bin\Defaults.lua file and all variables in MasterRecipeList.lua.
  • Various other cleanup and improvements.

Saved variable structure has changed significantly this version and must be reset. The addon will do this automatically, howver you must log in as each character at least once to add them to the database.

Version 1.55.6:
  • Added new option "Enable icon text overlay" under the Inventory Icon Options section of the addon settings. Off by default, this lets you enable the text symbols over the inventory tracking icons as an alternative or in addition to the information provided by the new icon tooltip setting. Mainly included for colorblind support.

Version 1.55.5:
  • Fixed ingredient tracking icons not working properly (value reversed).
  • Added craft bag to the function that instantly refreshes views when tracking status changes. Now the craft bag will instantly update icons like other inventories.

Version 1.55.4:
  • Fixed a bug with FCO Item Saver and improved support options.
  • Fixed* (needs testing) a bug with ignore guild store food ingredient tooltip option.
  • Fixed* (needs testing) an error message that could occur in certain upgrade/reinstall scenarios.
  • Preliminary Google translation updates for all new interface text (need updated human translations!).
  • Overhauled the configuration options and behavior for inventory tracking icons.
  • Added new option to show tooltips on inventory tracking icons with descriptive info.
  • Furniture navigation triangles now stay toggled to show what list you are viewing.
  • Further improved addon settings layout to accommodate new options.

Version 1.55.3:
  • Included new furniture patterns added since Summerset and removed no longer existing patterns.
  • Completely reorganized addon settings into clear categories and made most settings global.
  • New options to fine-tune the addon's behavior including showing characters that DON'T know a recipe in the tooltip.
  • Addon will now auto-clear characters that no longer exist on your account when you log on.
  • Added additional option to FCO ItemSaver support to auto-lock unknown recipes (by current or tracking character).
  • Fixed error when opening Emperorship menu in Alliance War.
  • Improved addon startup time on log in.
  • Recipe lists now properly scroll to top when selecting a new category.
  • Updated libs and API for Wolfhunter.

Version 1.55.2:
  • Fixed the black text bug.
  • Added new Furniture category for browsing Jewelry Crafting recipes.
  • Enabled the new Jewelry Crafting recipes to be tracked.

Version 1.55.1:
  • Library update & API bump for Summerset.
  • Added new Summerset furniture and provisioning recipes. New provisioning food and drink are under the existing Psijic special category (click the eye on the bottom left).
  • Added the ability to 3D preview with right-click from search results list (some things still not supported by API, mostly gold patterns).
  • Various other tweaks and database maintenance. Need to log in each character to rebuild.

Version 1.55.0:
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks KiriX).

Version 1.54.9:
  • Fixed errors caused by update to CraftStore.
  • Improved CraftStore integration so you don't have to /reloadui when you toggle Cook Station support on and off in that addon in order to update Master Recipe List's behavior.
  • Updated LibPreview.

Version 1.54.8:
  • Fixed auto-delete ingredients not working due to value being passed to function as a string instead of a number.

Version 1.54.7:
  • Fixed visual bug with toggling unknown recipes needed for writs between tracked/untracked.
  • Fixed writ lookup using manual recipe total rather than global updated total (no symptoms).

Version 1.54.6:
  • Update for Dragon Bones. Should fix all errors and adds a few new furniture recipes.
  • Library and API updates also, please report any issures.

Version 1.54.5:
  • Main window can now be moved partially off screen, making it easier to see only things you are concerned about.
  • Can type "/mrl reposition" (no quotes) to reset the main window to the default position if you accidentally drag it into oblivion.
  • NEW: Can now right-click items on the furniture list to see a 3D preview! NOTE: There are some items that will not show a preview due to current API limitations. Hopefully Zenimax won't fail us and adds complete link preview options soon, but in the meantime you can use Item Preview by Shinni to search those items that don't work at a guild store and preview them from there (from either the recipe or created item results).

Version 1.54.4:
  • Updated Spanish language translation (thanks Inval1d).

Version 1.54.3:
  • Fixed error when clicking Clothing quality 5 (gold) category and any below it on the Furniture page (caused by a typo which was using the total cooking recipe count to build the initial saved variable structure for the total furniture recipe structure as well instead of its own, which was causing lookup functions to that table to break after 562 (total cooking recipes) which just happened to be where furniture clothing quality 5 starts).

Version 1.54.2:
  • Added some comments to various code functions for clarity.
  • Minor cleanup and restructuring.

Version 1.54.1:
  • Significantly sped up the new Track Shown Recipes function.
  • Changed the Track Shown Recipes to not flip back to the top of the list, now works like the other list functions.

Version 1.54:
  • Fixed mouseover character and stat sheet errors (for good!).
  • Improved the way the scroll lists are updated when you click a recipe. Now if you are scrolled way down on a list and toggle a recipe's tracking status, it will no longer pop you back up to the top of the list, which was very annoying.

Version 1.53a:
  • Fixed error introduced in last update when clicking an item in the list generated by clicking the new quality tiers.

Version 1.53:
  • Ingredient tracking is now global and shared over all characters.
  • Added new option "Track all listed recipes." This is the small '+' button at the bottom right. This will set all recipes currently showing in your search result list to tracked. Useful for tracking batches of recipes. For example, you could click an improvement tier to show all recipes that are craftable at that tier, then hit the '+' to track them all so they show an icon for guild store searches.
  • Added support for normal MRL station modification when CraftStoreFixedAndImproved is loaded, but only when "Use CraftStoreCook" option is disabled in the CraftStoreFixedAndImproved options. Having both at the same time is not feasible at present as CraftStoreFixedAndImproved does extensive modification of its own and hooking deeply enough to integrate specific features is risky and prone to breaking with updates, however this will at least allow you to still use MRL for the cooking station and CraftStoreFixedAndImproved for everything else.

Version 1.52c:
  • Fixed another error related to overlapping functions.

Version 1.52b:
  • Fixed an error caused by mousing over the "No entries in this category" text on some white-level furniture categories.

Version 1.52a:
  • Fixed error caused by typo in furniture provisioning database.

Version 1.52:
  • Fixed text search bug related to an indexing typo that was causing some of the special event recipes to not be text-searchable.
  • Major overhaul of the code and database structure.
  • Added all new cooking and furniture recipes from Clockwork City DLC.
  • Added new feature to click navigate or shift-click track recipes by improvement level.
  • Updated libraries.
  • API bump for Clockwork City.

Version 1.503:
  • Fixed support for FCO Item Saver.
  • Fixed some non-English language format issues.
  • Minor code and language file maintenance.

Version 1.502:
  • Added support for the latest CraftStore Fixed and Improved.
  • Added the option to choose a different character for food and furniture when tracking unknown recipes with inventory icons.

Version 1.501:
  • Added new "Reset Navigation" button (moon icon) at the cooking station to close all open categories.
  • Added number required to craft to optional created item ingredient list.
  • Fixed a bug where clearing all tracked recipes while at the cooking station sometimes wouldn't remove all category marks.
  • Fixed the option to auto-uncheck recipe filter boxes on cooking station activation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cooking station to still use the default behavior of opening the 1st recipe tree automatically.
    Now when you open the cooking station all recipe trees will start closed, making it easier to find writs or tracked items.
  • Fixed a bug with hiding the cooking station tooltip.
  • Fixed the cooking station button to search/lookup recipes in MRL.

Version 1.50:
  • Added the 15 new patterns added since Morrowind.
  • Cleaned up database tables. Some previous entries were removed from the game.
  • IMPORTANT: Known recipe status has been reset for version 1.50. You will need to log in to each of your characters
    to rebuild their database of known recipes, however you will not have to reconfigure other options.

Version 1.49c:
  • API bump..
  • Updated libs.

Version 1.49b:
  • Fixed errors when switching furniture preview items.

Version 1.49a:
  • Fixed indexing problem with event cooking recipes.

Version 1.49:
  • Updated with all furniture recipes added in Morrowind.
  • Added Aetherial Ambrosia recipe to XP potion section.

Version 1.48:
  • Initial semi-beta release of Furniture support. Now you can search, track, link, and easily identify (in bags or guild stores) recipes
    you do or don't know for all the Homestead craftable items currently in the game (1108 at current count).
  • All event recipes are now supported (see icons at the lower left of the recipe panel).
  • Various other updates and tweaks. See video for details.

Version 1.47d:
  • Fixed typo causing Dubious Camoran Throne text to still appear black in cooking list.

Version 1.47c:
  • Added Jester Festival recipes.

Version 1.47b:
  • Fixed LUA errors when browsing sub-categories in the housing editor purchase section.
  • Updated bag hooks to use ZO_PreHook (avoid potential insecure code issues).

Version 1.47a:
  • Fixed text still being black for furniture tab at the cooking station.

Version 1.47:
  • Fixed text being black for known patterns at crafting stations.

Version 1.46f:
  • Updated for Homestead. Fixed errors on new furniture tab at crafting stations and cooking result tooltip showing up where it shouldn't.

Version 1.46e:
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks Scope).

Version 1.46d:
  • Updated level range text search function. Searching for "cp1" (no quotes) will now show all recipes that scale from 1 to max level.
  • Added new setting under Global Options to "clear filters on startup" which will automatically un-check the "Have Ingredients" and
    "Have Skills" filters when you first open the cooking station. On by default.

Version 1.46c:
  • Fixed broken FCOItemSaver support that no one reported: 'Use FCO ItemSaver for tracked items' under Third Party Addon Support will now
    automatically lock recipes or ingredients you are tracking in FCOItemSaver when set to true, but will no longer prevent manual locking.

Version 1.46b:
  • Changed Psijic Ambrosia selection tooltip to "Recipes" (plural) to indicate new 150% drink.
  • Updated French, German, and Italian special recipe selection tooltip text.

Version 1.46a:
  • Tweaked Orsinium reecipe icon to match other special/event icons.
  • Added missing "Recipes" to "New Life Festival Recipes" tooltip.

Version 1.46:
  • Added support for all New Life Festival recipes.
  • Added proper quality-based coloring to the special recipe lists.

Version 1.45b:
  • Fixed (hopefully) display in Japanese clients.
  • Updated to LibAddonMenu v2.0 r23

Version 1.45a:
  • Backwards compatibility for the old version of Craft Store.

Version 1.45:
  • Proper update for One Tamriel, removes all references to "Veteran" levels.
  • Corrects tooltip display to account for One Tamriel changes.
  • Updated all recipes/results with correct scaling range.
  • Updated level-based text search. Type a number or the letters CP plus a number to see recipes/items for that range.
  • Added support for the new Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia
  • Fixed an issue causing the updated version of CraftStore to overlap at the cooking station.

Version 1.44a:
  • Fixed a typo that prevented linking the new recipes.

Version 1.44:
  • Updated for One Tamriel.
  • Added support for all Witches Festival recipes.

Version 1.43c:
  • Updated LibAddonMenu to r22.

Vesion 1.43b:
  • Updated Russian localization to new format (Thanks KiriX).

Vesion 1.43a:
  • Updated API to latest.
  • Updated libraries to latest.

Version 1.43:
  • Added Japanese localization from user k0ta0uchi.

Version 1.42a:
  • Updated API for Dark Brotherhood.
  • Updated to latest LibAddonMenu and LibStub.

Version 1.42:
  • Fixed a display bug that would show a blank tooltip at the cooking station if you didn't yet know any recipes.

Version 1.41:
  • Changed UI behavior so that opening the Master Recipe List window automatically puts you in cursor mode for easy navigation.
    Closing MRL puts you back in normal game mode.
  • Updated to latest LibAddonMenu r20.

Version 1.40d:
  • Updated to latest LinAddonMenu r19 and LibStub r4 libraries.

Version 1.40c:
  • API version update.

Version 1.40b:
  • Fixed some minor oversights in the new safety feature. Auto-junk and auto-delete will now properly toggle off when using the
    select all ingredients button and select all recipes button, when using the button to select all ingredients for selected recipes,
    the button to select all recipes not known by a selected character, and when loading the global ingredients profile.

Version 1.40a:
  • NEW OPTION: Added option to disable tracking of known status of recipes by selected alt in the addon settings menu.
    Alt character status tracking now disabled by default unless enabled.

Version 1.40:
  • NEW FEATURE: Added writ tracking indicators for ingredients and food items. You will now see a blue check (if inventory tracking is enabled)
    next to food items and ingredients required by a current provisioning writ, and tooltips will indicate they are required for the current writ as well.
    Also, existing tracked recipe and ingredient check marks will turn blue when required by a current writ, and automatically revert
    to their proper color when the writ is completed/satisfied.

Version 1.39:
  • NEW FEATURE: Added the ability to search for all recipes that use all of the ingredients you currently have selected on the ingredients tab!
  • NEW FEATURE: Added a new safety feature that turns off the auto-junk and auto-delete function for recipes and ingredients
    any time you change your current tracked selection, to prevent accidental junk/deletion.
  • Various minor cosmetic improvements.

Version 1.38:
  • Added new Orsinium recipes.
  • Added cooking station compatibility with CraftStore.

Version 1.37a:
  • Updated API version.

Version 1.37:
  • Updated with the latest Veteran 15 recipes. Those added but not yet available in-game are marked with an asterisk (*).

Version 1.36c:
  • Fixed an issue where recipe searches from the cooking station would fail for non-English language names containing special characters.

Version 1.36b:
  • Experimental heuristic evaluation of multiple match scenarios on writ lookups. Should now always track the proper writ requirement
    even when multiple recipes contain the same text.

Version 1.36a:
  • Fixed a conflict that was causing the game to crash when activating a cooking station when Master Recipe List and Circonian's FilterIt were both running.
  • Added new feature to text search to show all recipes that create a certain level food. Simply enter a number, for example 40, in the text search, and all level 40 food/drink recipes will show. For veteran 1 foods and drinks, type 50. For veteran 5 type 55, and for veteran 10, type 60.

Version 1.36:
  • Fixed a typo. I accidentally left quotes around a string variable which was causing it to be treated as a text string instead of a variable, which was causing writ detection to sometimes not update properly. Also improved the code for writ detection in general to be more streamlined using condensed loops based on stage requirement lookups instead of fixed number checks. Now gives 100% accurate detection.
  • Finalized French translation (thanks to Ayantir!). All translations now completely non-Google.

Version 1.35d:
  • Revised the new writ detection system with proper names for objective detection. I hadn't accounted for the fact that the turn-in destinations change. I also installed the Russian and Italian ESO translation projects to test in those languages as well as German, French, and English.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the header text to wrap a blank line on languages where the text was significantly long, resulting in an ugly gap between the title and the recipe list.
  • Added completed translation files for Italian, German, and Russian thanks to DarioZ, Baertram, and KiriX, respectively.

Version 1.35c:
  • Added workaround for strange ZOS inconsistencies where sometimes the requirements to complete a quest are not numbered in order. This comes into play in ESOMRL for writ quest detection, where writ requirements were sometimes not being properly detected because even though the log showed them as requirement 1 and 2, they might actually by 2 and 3 and requirement 1 returns blank. Don't ask me why, but this should fix it.

Version 1.35b:
  • Changed the way the 'known icon' option works for inventory options. Now by default it shows a green check for recipes NOT known by the selected character (defaults to current character), and has an option to show grey icons for recipes that character already knows. Additionally, there is now an option, when the above known icons are on, to show these grey icons for recipes the current logged in character already knows, regardless of which character you select to show green unknown icons for.
  • Fixed a type that was causing setting changes for inventory icons to be ignored.

Version 1.35a:
  • Now properly clears the selected recipe when checking or unchecking cooking station filters. Previous version supported clearing the current selection and ingredient list (ands hiding the tooltip) when changing categories. Update is for consistency.
  • Re-enabling cooking station tooltips after disabling them will now correctly only show the tooltip if there is currently a recipe selected.

Version 1.35:
  • Fixed a rare issue where the pre-login gear equipping the game does could trigger an error in the EVENT_INVENTORY_SINGLE_SLOT_UPDATE event.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause debug text to notify you of items ignored by the stolen item filter setting even if you had debug mode turned off.
  • Overhauled the cooking station category display functionality. Previously you would always have one recipe category open no matter what. Now when you open the station no categories are open. You can open any category by clicking it, and close it by clicking again. You can even open multiple categories at once! To close all open categories, simply switch from the food to the drink tab and back or vice versa.

Version 1.34b:
  • Vast improvement to the format of French, German and other non-English languages. All category names now generated from the game, and proper capitalization of words greater than 1 character now performed using zo_strformat.
  • Significant performance improvement of text search in non-English language clients.

Version 1.34a:
  • Added support for the Psijic Ambrosia recipe and items.
  • Added support for Khrill Master Cook by request: Icons will be automatically offset to not overlap Khrill's. (NOTE: These addons both generally do the same thing and are not recommended to be used together, though they can be. See my post in comments on Khrill Master Cook regarding errors generated by that addon with or without ESOMRL loaded and a temporary fix until the author can update.)
  • Fixed a bug where if station stat icons were turned off and display of tracking indication was on while known recipes were tracked, the tracking check could be duplicated when moving the mouse over the category header.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the check marks for writ requirements and tracked items wouldn't appear on the category until after you had changed tabs.

Version 1.34:

New features:

Implemented a major overhaul of the Provisioning Station:
  • Food and Drink categories are now color-coded by the quality of food or drink they produce.
  • Optionally add stat icons to each category showing which stats their created food or drinks will buff. Option to choose between stars and circles for the stat icons.
  • New writ tracking system!