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libGarfield : Chat care for AddOn uses libChat & player  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.0.0
by: Provision [More]
libGarfield monitors and ensures that libChat3 (or oldest) remains active while loading after login or `/reloadui`.

Some AddOns can overwrite between them and overwrite libChat.
If libChat is overwrite no AddOns which use libChat will run, this addOn prevent that.

Running :

If any AddOns use libChat3 (= is not installed) but use libChat2 (= is installed) you will get chat Message after login :

> INFO : Compatibility mode enabled to keep {ADDON_NAME} & `libChat2 (02/2016)` enabled. Please use `libChat3`.

If libChat is rewrited by an another AddOns, the outdated AddOn will be disabled and libGarfield will relaunch libChat and you will get :

> WARNING : `{ADDON_NAME}` is outdated! Ask the author to use a chat library like `libChat3`.

Player :

The addon does not need to be configured it is full automated.
You can directly install libChat3 because your AddOns which use libChat2 will automaticly use libChat3.

AddOn author :

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