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Echoes of Lore
Version: 0.0.1
by: Echomap [More]
To display Lore and Hints in game.

If you have text you want in here for a dungeon or hints for others, post it, make a ticket, or message me.
If there is text that you want removed/changed, do the same as above.

Features :
  • Display a few lines of lore to you when entering an area
  • GUI to display more about, zones, dungeons, bosses, and tips

Source: https://github.com/echomap/EchoesOfLore

0.0.1 Initial
Need to create more text, and change the existing text that was copied from WIKI's to not irritate them.
Outputs LORE when triggered on player changes area
GUI to display some hints and lore about dungeons and areas
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