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Greymoor (6.0.5)
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Tel Var Counter (Logger)
Version: 1.0.0
by: Mladen90 [More]
Addon for logging and tracking TV gain. Addon counter starts default on first TV gain. Addon will always count TV in background, even if chat log is turned off.

Download library: LibAddonMenu

For Alliance Point download: Alliance Point Counter

Available slash commands:

/tvc_commands -> Will show you the available slash commands
/tvc_start-> Addon will start the timer
/tvc_reset -> Addon will reset all data (including timer) and start count from 0
/tvc_data -> Will show current data, this works even if chat log is disabled
/tvc_statistic -> Will Show your TV statistics after 10 min from timer start (only if any TV is gained)
/tvc_source_info -> Will show you what the letter for TV gain are meaning
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