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Bunny's Dice Roller
by: TheBunnynator1001 [More]
AddOn Summary
Bunny's Dice Roller is exactly what it sounds like, a dice roller! Using chat and an RNG, you can easily do your giveaways, contests, and raffles in game right from the chat box! This makes this perfect for Guild Masters and officers alike, as well as anyone just looking to roll a dice for challenges they may want to take on!

To use, all you have to do is type "/roll" followed by whatever number you want, and BDR will automatically generate a random number between 1 and your number and print the result to the chat box!

For Suggestions/Comments/Complaints/Concerns you can reach me at:
- @TheBunnynator1001 (in game)
- [email protected]
- TheBunnynator1001#2728 (Discord)
- nirnsroot (Twitch)

Thank you for using Bunny's Dice Roller!
- TheBunnynator
- Added multiple flavor text options to make chat results more interesting
- AddOn now allows results to be posted in active chat channel instead of just /say

- Initial Release
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Unread 11/16/23, 10:55 PM  
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When only typing /roll:

bad argument #2 to 'math.random' (integer expected, got string)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'math.random'
user:/AddOns/BunnysDiceRoller/BunnysDiceRoller.lua:53: in function 'fn'
/EsoUI/Ingame/SlashCommands/SlashCommands_Shared.lua:347: in function 'DoCommand'
|caaaaaa<Locals> text = "/roll", command = "/roll", arguments = "", fn = user:/AddOns/BunnysDiceRoller/BunnysDiceRoller.lua:51 </Locals>|r
/EsoUI/Ingame/ChatSystem/SharedChatSystem.lua:1695: in function 'SharedChatSystem:SubmitTextEntry'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:1]{ignoreTextEntryChangedEvent = F, maxContainerHeight = 1368, isMinimized = F, suppressSave = F, isAgentChatActive = F, minContainerWidth = 300, currentChannel = 16, maxContainerWidth = 2432, shouldMinimizeAfterEntry = F, loaded = T, lastValidChannel = 14, currentNumNotifications = 0, allowMultipleContainers = F, isMinimizingOrMaximizing = F, numUnreadMails = 5, minContainerHeight = 170}, text = "/roll", valid = F, prefix = 47 </Locals>|r
(tail call): ?
/EsoUI/Ingame/ChatSystem/SharedChatSystem.lua:2433: in function 'ZO_ChatTextEntry_Execute'
|caaaaaa<Locals> control = ud </Locals>|r
ZO_ChatWindowTextEntryEditBox_Enter:3: in function '(main chunk)'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = ud </Locals>|r
(tail call): ?
(tail call): ?
/EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_PlatformUtils.lua:123: Attempt to access a private function 'IsInUI' from insecure code. The callstack became untrusted 5 stack frame(s) from the top.
stack traceback:
/EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_PlatformUtils.lua:123: in function 'ZO_IsPregameUI'
/EsoUI/Common/ZO_UIErrors/ErrorFrame.lua:411: in function 'ZO_ErrorFrame:RefreshButtons'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:1]{moreInfo = T, coloredFullError = "bad argument #2 to 'math.rando...", currentErrorIndex = 1, titleText = "UI Error: |cffffff|r", errorHexCode = "", simpleError = "bad argument #2 to 'math.rando...", advancedMode = T, suppressErrorDialog = F, copyError = "bad argument #2 to 'math.rando...", displayingError = T} </Locals>|r
/EsoUI/Common/ZO_UIErrors/ErrorFrame.lua:358: in function 'ZO_ErrorFrame:SetCurrentError'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:1], errorIndex = 1, errorData = [table:2]{errorString = "bad argument #2 to 'math.rando...", count = 1}, fullError = "bad argument #2 to 'math.rando..." </Locals>|r
/EsoUI/Common/ZO_UIErrors/ErrorFrame.lua:374: in function 'ZO_ErrorFrame:OnUIError'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:1], errorString = "bad argument #2 to 'math.rando..." </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/NoThankYou/NoThankYou.lua:1271: in function 'keyboardAcceptCallback'
|caaaaaa<Locals> data = [table:3]{acceptText = "Accept", sortIndex = 2, secsSinceRequest = 106.69804000854, shortDisplayText = "Lua Error", dataType = 1, heading = "Lua Error", note = "bad argument #2 to 'math.rando...", message = "Lua Error triggered", texture = "/esoui/art/miscellaneous/eso_i...", declineText = "Decline", controlsOwnSounds = T} </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/LibNotification/LibNotification.lua:91: in function 'libNotificationKeyboardProvider:Accept'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:4]{canShowGamerCard = F, hasTimer = F}, data = [table:3] </Locals>|r
/EsoUI/Ingame/Contacts/Notifications_Common.lua:1810: in function 'ZO_NotificationManager:AcceptRequest'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:5]{totalNumNotifications = 2, allowUpdate = F, eventNamespace = "KeyboardNotifications"}, data = [table:3] </Locals>|r
/EsoUI/Ingame/Contacts/Keyboard/Notifications_Keyboard.lua:620: in function 'ZO_KeyboardNotificationManager:Accept_OnClicked'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:5], control = ud, data = [table:3] </Locals>|r
/EsoUI/Ingame/Contacts/Keyboard/Notifications_Keyboard.lua:701: in function 'ZO_NotificationsTwoButtonAccept_OnClicked'
|caaaaaa<Locals> control = ud </Locals>|r
ZO_NotificationsList1Row1Accept_Clicked:3: in function '(main chunk)'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = ud, button = 1, ctrl = F, alt = F, shift = F, command = F </Locals>|r
Typing "/roll" with a number works as intended.
Also, there's at least one typo I've come across so far in the messages that gets placed in the chat window. One said "nubmer" instead of "number", for example.
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Unread 11/14/23, 03:25 AM  
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Hi, the command /roll was added by ZOs "officially" ~5 months ago so you are overwriting it with your addon now.
Just in case you did not know
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Unread 11/10/23, 12:14 PM  
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Hi! I am just getting back into the world of AddOn development, so I apologize for the late reply! I will look into this for you. Perhaps a setting that will allow it to happen? I'll do some brainstorming! Thanks for the idea!
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Unread 03/14/22, 02:45 PM  

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Possible changes?

Grateful for this addon, thank you.

Is there a way to change it, so that it automatically posts the results? Even if it perhaps was coded to only show up for those with the addon, maybe in party char or some other channel other than the main one?
Last edited by Cheshire_Cat : 03/19/22 at 10:02 AM.
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