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EmoteKEKW - Emote Addon (Twitch, FrankerZ, BetterTTV, works with pChat)
Version: 1.0.0
by: voidbiscuit [More]

# EmoteKEKW

This addon adds a variety of Emotes from Twitch, FrankerZ, and BetterTTV to ESO!
A full list of emotes can be found in the addon settings.

Type `:kekw:` to get started

If you find any bugs, please let me know ASAP

## Known "features"

- Some of the FrankerZ emotes are different from the expected BTTV ones. The emote list will be refined.
- Some popular emotes have multiple entries, such as KEKW, which for the meanwhile may vary.
- Using emote spacing, and then spamming emotes overlaps emotes, I don't have a good solution for this yet.

## Design choices

Currently, emotes are typed using `:KEKW:` (or `:KEKW`) rather than just `KEKW`.
Emotes like `EZ`, `clap`, `WICKED`, `YEP` are all words which may be used during regular conversation, and during testing when I pulled the top 100 pages of FrankerZ, text was rife for words including `easy`, `hard`, `lfg`, `man`, `moist`, `concern`, `based` etc...
Because of this, I made the design choice that emotes should be denoted with `:`.
In regular text, other than faces like ``, words are generally not prefixed with `:` so it should make emote usage apparent.

Emotes are case sensitive, but also can be referenced by using full lowercase or full uppercase. I haven't built an ESO emote autocomplete yet. If that happens, I may rethink how the system works, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

## Things I'm considering going forwards
- A grid for clicking on emotes to add them to chat
- Regular emojis (implemented in the way discord has them)
- Autocomplete (if possible)

## Animated emotes
I did find a way to animate emotes in chat, but the way it works is pure sorcery, and causes a disk read every time I switch frame, and requires all frames to be separate images (which does not take advantage of DDS compression, so RIP), so I've opted not to include it for now, so for now all emotes will remain static (sorry).

## I have emotes, and I want them in ESO!
Drop me a message! This addon is only the end product of the build process, so I can add channels with the click of a button!

## Bonus

Put `|t32:32:KEKW|t` in your guild note
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