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ABnC Gold Manager - revisited
Version: 1.3.100009a rv2
by: dbojan [More]
Update of the original "ABnC Gold Manager" by Serunati, from https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info692-ABnCGoldManager.html

Added options:
New profile "None" - Don't do anything. Same as disabling the addon.
New profile "Withdraw" - Withdraw all the money from the bank.

"Crafting" profile is set as default, so you don't have to reset it for each alt

Original description:
ABnC Gold Manager
Version: 1.3.100009by: Serunati [More]
This is a very small footprint add-on that will manage your gold on your character each time you visit the bank based on three different settings (Automatic, Fixed, and Crafting). The transaction happens when you open the bank window, so if you would like to withdraw 40k for that new pony, it will not put it right back in the bank before you leave. Below are the management options I have configured:

- Automatic: (50 * Lvl) The amount your character leaves the bank with is based on their level. Currently I have the formulae set to be 50 gold per character level. This seems to be a reasonable amount to have on hand for bribes etc.

- Fixed: ($) As the name implies, you indicate the amount of gold you want your character to leave the bank with in the settings.

- Crafting: (0) I have found that for the alts that I just use for crafting, I just want them to dump all their gold in the bank from items that are sold from crafting.

changes in ver rv2:
-fixed bank name variable. It would still withdraw money, as long as you have more money that what was in the bank. It is fixed now.
-optional, edit ABnCGoldManager.lua, and remove lines beginning with --[[ and --]], to have it auto deposit telvar stones, alliance points and writ wouchers to the bank.
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