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Roleplay Marker 2020
Version: 1.11
by: Phuein [More]
Gift me @phuein in-game, if you have extra crowns and appreciate my addons. (Ask me which DLC I didn't get yet!) Thank you!

In order to help us - the roleplaying community of ESO - identify each other, this addon marks players as roleplayers. It has several ways of checking if a player should be marked, and if so modifies the target frame (see screenshot.) This is shown when looking at another player (not in free-mouse mode.)

The following rules will mark a player character as roleplaying:
  • Starts with a hyphen - and includes an apostrophe '. E.g. "-Drrzzt Dri'tt"
  • Is named in the submitted characters list file, exactly as it appears in-game. (Please submit character names.)
  • Displays the title Recruit, which is attained by gaining 8K AP from PvP. (Optional, enabled by default.)

I'm still considering modifying how characters are marked, and which methods are used to identify them. Please comment here if you have suggestions or feedback about this. I'm also happy to update the submitted characters list file occasionally, if you have characters that are reliably always roleplaying Especially so, if you have whole guilds of characters to add!
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