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Blackwood (7.0.5)
Flames of Ambition (6.3.5)
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ResearchTimer - Unofficial Update
Version: 2.1
by: Fennek [More]
This is an updated version of ResearchTimer by hisdad (you can find the original AddOn here) since the original AddOn has not been updated for over 3 years now.

Please uninstall the original version before installing this one! Having both might just break everything since i didn't modify any addon metadata, binds, or slash commands.

My Changes:
- I updated the API for Flames of Ambition and Blackwood.
- Furthermore I added support for JewelryCrafting which will be shown as an additional fourth column in the display.

Otherwise the AddOn is completely untouched from the original.

Originial AddOn Description:
This addon keeps track of when research items will complete for all your characters.
It is similar to Ato's "Craft Research Timer", however it does a lot less.
The dialog isn't configurable and no, you can't move it.
No, it doesn't pop up alerts. (Wykkyds' taskbar can help with this)

You pop it up for a look in game, plan and put it away.

Remember:: Its primary use case is ##checking status offline##
The display is game is the minimum to be useful.

What is does, it does well.
The list of upcoming research completions is sorted.
The soonest are on top.

It comes with a little viewer that can show the same information from your desktop, without having to start the game.
Sadly the viewer is not unicode compatible and non-english users may see confused text.
## I've figured that out and will patch it sometime##

To use:
/rt to open and close dialog or create a keybinding.

The saved variables file is written with current information when you logout of that character.
2021-05-07 v2.1
- Updated the offline viewer to also support Jewelrycrafting.
The original instruction on how to use it still works. I just updated the links
- Added german localization for the in game viewer

2021-05-06 v2.0
- Unofficial Update
- Bumped API for Flames of Ambition and Blackwood
- Added support for Jewelry Crafting Research timers

2018-03-08 v1.98 (No Other Changes) [Last Update from original Author]
- Bump API
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