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ESOLua is a fork of Lua 5.1 with modifications for Elder Scrolls Online. The goal of this project is to provide a runtime that can be used to test AddOns for the game outside the game client. It won't be possible to provide all the functionality of the game client, but over time ESOLua should gain a reasonable amount of features.

Supported game API functions are provided as part of the global namespace. Special functions that are not part of the API are provided via the "eso" module. For examples AddOns can be loaded with the "eso.LoadAddon" function. Simply pass the relative path to a manifest file to it. The second parameter optionally enables verbose output including errors during file loads.

You can find the source code on github.

Currently supported functions:
  • StringToId64
  • Id64ToString
  • CompareId64s
  • CompareId64ToNumber
  • GetGameTimeMilliseconds
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