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Where Is My Olorime
Version: 1.0.1
by: branddi [More]
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Are you looking to increase your content parses in situations where supports are providing Major Courage via Olorime? Ask your Doctor if "Where Is My Olorime" is right for you.

This is an addon used primarily by DPS to identify the location of an Olorime (Major Courage) buff that someone in you group acquired, for which you are presently missing out on.

While in most situations Spell Power Cure is a more reliable way to buff Major Courage, there are situations where Olorime has some distinct advantages.

1. 3 DPS dungeons groups and tank is buffing Olorime
2. Certain situation when a healer is unable to keep HOTs on DPS consistently, perhaps due to doing mechanics or even portal.
3. When it is not possible to double bar SPC, and the reduction in Major Courage uptimes due to 1 bar SPC is unacceptable. (SPC falls off after 5 seconds without an active HOT, full HP on target plus SPC user on the SPC bar - this is why for example SPC on destro staff only has very low uptimes)

One disadvantage wearing Olorime is you need to be accurate at placing the Olorime buff on the DPS, otherwise the DPS will need to locate and travel to it every 10 to 20 seconds. If not, the Major Courage uptimes will suffer as well as your parse. This buff can be placed on the ground for DPS to pickup once every 10 seconds, so if you miss one, be on the lookout for the next.

This image shows an example of the Olorime buff, and the icon that is placed as someone picks it up.

When you see this icon it means you should if possible look for the bright Olorime buff on the ground near the icon and walk into it briefly to acquire the buff for 20 seconds.

Special thanks to @dmvab for suffering in FG to help me take some screenshots.
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