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Updated: 12/08/23 12:22 PM
Patch for:
Wizard's Wardrobe.
Endless Archive (9.2.5)
base-game patch (9.1.5)
Necrom (9.0.0)
Scribes of Fate (8.3.5)
Updated:12/08/23 12:22 PM
Created:12/08/23 12:22 PM
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Increase Keybinds for Setups to 50
Version: 1.4.1
by: wambo [More]
Upon request I increased the keybinds for setups from 15 to 50.
I updated all existing language files but only tested for english.

This was done for the current version 1.4.1 (or game version 9.2.5) - but should be compatible with major addon updates. You will need to overwrite these files again, or in case the addon gets an update that adjusts bindins or language files insert the specific lines again.

If you want less keybinds, just delete the 3lines per binding from the Bindings.xml or comment them out with <!-- COMMENT -->
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Hi wambo, at best include the addon name in the patch name so one can see where it belongs to in Minion!
e.g. WizardsWardrobe Patch: Increase keybinds to 50

Or at least add the addon name as 1st to the description of the patch (which won't work for searching in Minion -> Only addon name afaik).
Else one does not know what it's about.
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