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Scions of Ithelia (9.3.0)
Endless Archive (9.2.5)
base-game patch (9.1.5)
Necrom (9.0.0)
Scribes of Fate (8.3.5)
Firesong (8.2.5)
Lost Depths (8.1.5)
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Loot Tracker Solution  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.0.40
by: Solution_Lop [More]
Loot Tracker for The Elder Scrolls Online

Enhance your ESO gameplay with Loot Tracker! This addon offers a suite of features to streamline loot collection and management. From AutoLoot to detailed item statistics and integration with Tamriel Trade Center, Loot Tracker provides everything you need to optimize your loot gathering experience.

- AutoLoot: Collect loot effortlessly with automatic pickup.
- Detailed Statistics: Track the quantity and value of each item collected.
- Tamriel Trade Center Integration: Access real-time pricing information for items.
- Session Timer: Monitor your loot collection session duration.
- Convenient Sorting and Filters: Easily organize and find items in your inventory.
- Notifications: Receive alerts for rare loot drops.
- Total Value Calculation: Evaluate the total value of collected items overall, as well as for specific materials and categories.

Supported Languages:
- Russian
- Japanese
- Italian
- Spanish
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Korean
- Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
- Ukrainian
- Turkish
- French

1. Download the addon files.
2. Extract the files into your ESO addons folder.
3. Enable Loot Tracker in the Addons menu in-game.
4. Bind a key to the Loot Tracker in the Controls settings.

- Loot items in-game to automatically track their quantity and value.
- Use the session timer to monitor your loot collection duration.
- Access pricing information from Tamriel Trade Center to make informed decisions about item sales or exchanges.
- Customize sorting and filters to suit your preferences.

- Compatible with the latest version of The Elder Scrolls Online.

We value your feedback! Please report any issues or suggest improvements on the ESOUi page.

Loot Tracker is developed by @Solution_Lop.

This addon is provided as-is and may undergo updates or changes. Use at your own discretion.

Enjoy your enhanced loot collection experience with Loot Tracker Solution!
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