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ERA's Collection Book
Version: 1
by: WildEra [More]
ERA's Collection Book is an addon that aims to improve the lives of all collectors in Tamriel by adding a tracking window of every collectibles unlockable at the moment in the game.

  • Dynamic tracking of all unlockable collectibles
  • Ignore/Hide tracking of any category
  • Background can be set to transparent
Known Bugs:
  • 01/22/2019: Since last ESO update, tracker window can't be moved sometimes. It will be fixed in the V2 which will be available this week
What's next:
  • Dynamic tracking of all outfits (motifs and styles)
  • Better aesthetic and configurable interface
  • Optionnal window with all information of every collectibles (also how to unlock!)
How to use:

To open ECB, you can either configure a keybind to show/hide the user interface (Controls -> Keybinds -> General -> ERA's Collection Book) or use the command line /ecb

Additional notes:

If you want to support further development of the addon, you can say hi when I'm playing ESO (excuse my french!) on https://twitch.tv/WildEraLive
Or even buy me a monthly drink (beer!) on
> https://tipeee.com/WildEra
$ > https://patreon.com/WildEraLive
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