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Imperial City Tracker
Version: 1.0
by: quentinlamamy [More]
== Description ==

This basic addon just add a bar on top right of your screen (you can move it if you want, it's draggable) that display, for each available imperial chest key part the count of this item (inventory + bank). When you raise 60, text goes green, it's time to get your reward.

== Evolution and changelog ==

It's not really a beta, it works but i have already the version 2.0 in mind :
- add pin on the map to display where to get your chest
- code improvment (a script can always be better )
- keyboard shortcut to diplay the bar outside the imperial city (maybe in a minor release)

== The author ==

I'm quentin 26 yo, french developer who play teso since he buy the epic TESO collector imperial edition. I have a lot of idea of addon but not enough time to write all the source code i have in mind. Between two raid and guild managment i will update all my addon and post new when i have time. Like devs will see, I am a psychopath of code comments, i know it can take some ko, but it's so usefull for us <3.

== Thanks ==

I would like to thank all the guys that help me on on the esoui chat for some event choice problem. And thanks for all the player, even if you are a banana , see you in imperial city

== Contact ==

If you have any bug or idea feel free to wrote me an ingame mail. If you want me to help you to develop your addon, i'm sorry but don't really have the time, but i will wrote some tutorial on the esoui wiki. If you are a french sexy girl i can help you
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