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Skyrim Style Vibration
Version: 1.0
by: Doodlezoid [More]

by doodlez

Configurable overhaul for gamepad vibration to make it similar to Skyrim. Compatible with all game versions.

Includes new vibrations which can be toggled for:
  • All weapon swings. Different weapon types feel different.
  • Pulling bowstrings and firing. Continuous bow fire feels weaker.
  • Firing of staves. Destruction and Restoration staffs feel different.
  • Blocking, bashing, and shields.
  • All abilities. (Mod could be extended to have specific vibrations for specified abilities if you want to add it)
  • Player sprinting.
  • Mount sprinting.
  • Hitting enemies.
  • Taking hits from enemies. (Strength is affected by amount of health lost proportional to effective max health)

  • Sometimes vibrations will randomly stop, typically when hitting an enemy. This is not an issue with the mod, but rather a bug with the game itself.
  • Sprinting (especially on mounts) is basic and is not synced properly, and doesn't account for speed, being in the air, etc. If only animation events existed. sigh
  • Could be more optimized.
  • Probably some bugs. Be sure to report!

  • My code can be reused, modified, and used in your own projects, however I would like to be credited and notified.
  • Unmodified files can't be redistributed without my permission and some included code may come from other authors so check the files for comments.
  • If you would like to contribute to this mod, please PM me.
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Unread 05/14/20, 05:23 AM  
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I have fixed the issue with the settings menu not working and the errors if you have a newer version of the library installed.

First: Make sure you have the latest LibStub and LibHarvensAddonSettings installed.

Second: Open the folder C:\Users\ <your user> \Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\SkyrimStyleVibration and delete the "libs" folder

Third: Open the SkyrimStyleVibration.lua file and go to line below:
local LibHarvensAddonSettings = LibStub("LibHarvensAddonSettings-1.0")
(it should be around line 517)

Change it to this:

local LibHarvensAddonSettings = LibHarvensAddonSettings
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Unread 10/23/19, 02:44 PM  

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Hi Doodlezoid,

I absolutely love the idea of this addon. Unfortunately, even when installed in the correct location, it is not coming up in the settings in game. Do you have any suggestions for getting it going?


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