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Loot Shift
Version: 1.08
by: Phinix [More]
Loot Shift

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This simple addon gives you the ability to set a keybind that, when held while looting, causes your next loot session to use the opposite of your current Auto Loot setting (similar to the function in World of Warcraft). For example if you have Auto Loot off but hold the keybind when you go to loot something, you will automatically take all items that one time as if Auto Loot was on and the setting will revert to off afterwards. This functions the opposite way if your Auto Loot setting is on by default: holding the keybind while looting will show the loot menu for that one session.

The addon also gives you some options under Addon Settings to choose the default state of the 'Auto Loot Items' and 'Auto Loot Stolen Items' game settings for all characters on login/reload, and a 2nd keybind for straight swapping the Auto Loot setting on a more permanent basis.

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Hi all, Iím back and working on addons again. Times are tough and I am desperately in need of financial support at the moment dealing with disability due to a bleeding brain cavernoma and other expenses on less than $600 monthly fixed income. If anyone can help, or knows anyone that can help, or can possibly feature some of my work on their stream to help drive support my way, I would be immensely grateful. It will help me to continue to bring cool content and updates to you all!

- Updated for Ascending Tide.
- Removed dependency on LibPhinixFunctions (too many libs).
- Minor code maintenance.

- Updated API for Waking Flame update.

- Updated API for Blackwood.
- Minor code maintenance.

- API update for Flames of Ambition.

- Removed dependency on LibStub.
- Updated for Greymoor & Stonethorn API.
- General cleanup pass on code.

- Updated API for Wrathstone.
- Removed included libs to avoid possible out of date errors. Manually install LibStub and LibAddonMenu.

- Updated LibStub, minor maintenance.

- Added 2nd keybind to simply switch between auto loot on and off for those that prefer a permanent toggle.

- Initial release.
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