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Battleground Coffers - Discontinued Patch
Version: 2.0
by: ShadowMau [More]
Kafeijao has return and updated his release. Please use his at original by kafeijao

Battleground Coffers - Updated to remove libstub and internal copy of libaddonmenu2.0 from the original by kafeijao. I attempted to contact kafeijao, but got not response. I modified this because it were causing errors. I currently have no plans to further maintain this addon.


This addon is a tool that servers two purposes.

Keep track of the battleground daily coffers cooldown (to know when and which character you should login) and get the coffer, in order to get the most outfit pages from the Fanged Worm and Horned Dragon Outfits. In total there is 64 unique pages, and you won't get repeated pages as you open the coffers.

Keep track of the alliance tier in each character. This is useful to track which characters have at least tier 1 (requirement to get the 50 transmute stones at the end). The purple number in parenthesis is the predicted number of transmute stones (this number might be wrong if you have tier in the 7 days campaign, which in that case instead of 50 crystals gives 10)

[New 1.3] Added the new weapon pages styles to the styles tracker.
[New 1.1] View the Battleground Styles Pages you have acquired and the ones missing by clicking on the button

For reference of the remaining indicators of the UI check the image which contains the most important info.

Hide/Show addon window
Associating a key binding (in Settings -> Controls -> Addon Keybinds -> Battleground Coffers & Alliance Tier)
Typing the command: /bgc which shows/hides the window.

When first logging in to a character that already has some alliance tier, you must open the alliance war windows (Pressing L by default) and wait a few seconds until you see the tier on the addon matches the tier on the window. This is because the tier information only becomes available to the addons when you actually open the window and let it refresh.
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