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Horns of the Reach (3.1)
Updated:09/02/17 03:09 AM
Created:08/30/17 02:04 PM
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Version: 3.11
by: Solvaring [More]
Hey all,

Finished writing another tool for Zerobrane Studio to make addon development smoother and easier.

This plugin is meant to be used when writing XML for gui development. This plugin will automatically insert a closing tag to complement the last opened element.

Autotag3.lua is the latest version. Just drop it into the packages directory of your Zerobrane Studio installation.


Update to version 3.1, all bugs seemingly squashed, very proud of myself and the lua pattern magic i worked in this plugin. Please communicate any bugs you may encounter through your use of this plugin to me so I can fix them. As of now from my testing everything seems to be working wonderfully. The double chevron behavior of inserting a closing tag for a tag already found in the document now works as it should. If for instance you want to insert an nth <TopLevelControl> tag, typing <TopLevelControl>> will turn into <TopLevelControl></TopLevelControl>. I just realized this presents a dilemma for anyone dealing in bitwise operations particularly for the bitwise right shift >>. I may in future versions change the condition to look for three consecutive chevrons/greater than symbols. I believe i put the double chevron behavior in in the first place so that typing out an expression like 2 > 1 doesn't trigger the autoinsertion of an xml tag.

At any rate, it's working very well now and I am pleased with it. I look forward to feedback. Happy coding!

Update to version 3.1, I encountered bugs where tags were not closing correctly. This fix should alleviate some of that.

Accidentally created more bugs, fall back to the original version 3 while i sort this out. Sorry guys!

I managed to get it fixed up, there is one limitation.

Trying to add a second element of the same name that includes attributes such as <TopLevelControl name="name>
Where there is already a <TopLevelControl> present in the file, the inclusion of the attribute will disable the autocomplete for that particular element name. The double chevron method of placing a duplicate does not function as intended. I'll try to sort this out in the coming days
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It will generally take me a while to get around to uploading to ESOUI, but changes to my work are committed and pushed almost daily.

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