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Stonethorn (6.1.5)
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Writ Style Price
Version: 1.0.0
by: bulton-fr [More]
Scan to find all blacksmith, clothier and woodworking masterWrits where the style asked is unknown, find the style price from many sources and display it.

I have created this addon because I accumulate many masterWrits with a style I don't know, and at a time it's becoming hard to find the style page name, check the price in TCC etc for each masterWrit. So I have created it to have a better view of the price of each missing style I need to do masterWrits.

Dependencies :
Libraries :
Addon :
I'm sorry, I not like the idea to depends from another addon, but because I not find lib about styles (and I don't have the time and energy to do it myself currently), I prefer depending from another addon instead of duplicate all data already present in it.

Use it :
Each time you will logged with a character, the character bag, your bank (not the guild bank), and house storage coffer (when you will be in your house) will be scanned to find masterWrits.
You can configure what to scan from the settings page.

To open the window, you can configure a keybind, or use the command /writstyleprice or /wsp (if not already defined).

If you want other features, you can ask in comment or on github.

Supported languages are English and French.
If you want to help add other languages, you can send translations in comment or on github.
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