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Lost Depths (8.1.5)
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Importers for Master Merchant 3.0
Version: 1.01
by: Sharlikran [More]

If you are new to MM and LibHistoire this is not for you. These would only be useful if you wanted to import old data prior to 06/01/2021, from old backup files you have saved.

These are Importers for Master Merchant 3.0 to allow users to import old MM data or old Shopping List data. Although I do feel that the Shopping List data could be obsolete at this point and would be removed if the time stamp has expired.

However, for Master Merchant if you are a hard core data collector and you have data from 2015 in some backup files then importing your old Master Merchant data would still be useful.

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Originally Posted by Akopian Atrebates
In the old days I would have been very interested in this!
It is currently the default functionality. I'm removing them from the main download. The only reason I have to include the modules is because ZOS won't allow me to specify a file name to load data from. So I have to use the old modules for importing.

All this does is provide the modules that you have to activate to access the old MMxxData modules. Once they are active and you reload the UI then you can import data from the LibGuildStore menu.
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Unread 03/26/22, 10:46 PM  
Akopian Atrebates

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In the old days I would have been very interested in this!
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