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GatherUp - Rapidly Gather Teammates for Trials
Version: 0.10
by: MelanAster [More]
Very early version, may be unstable

Designed to invite friends and guild members for Trials

Required Libraries: None

Localization Support: English, Chinese

Gamepad Support:

Simple Instructions for Use
0. Open UI
The button added in group window
Set a shortcut keybind for GatherUp

1. Create Group List

Write it directly

Exact members from pasted content

2. Start Invite (AutoRun)
*Detect online or not, only work for group members, friends and guild members

Other Functions
1. Save and load Group List

*Click [S/L Mode] to turn into Delete Mode for empty saved list

2. Re-invite members who have switched characters
*Only work for friends and guild members, when AutoRun start

3. Remove invitation-related warnings when AutoRun
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