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ESO Safe (Troubleshooter)
Version: 1.3.1
by: w33zl [More]
This is a fix for ESO Safe v1.3 adding a "troubleshooter" mode to display all sorts of settings and application info. The information supplied by Troubleshooter is very useful both for local troubleshooting of ESO Safe as well as it is to when you troubleshooting your setup. So please do not hesitate to send med the log and I will do my best to sort out any problems.

  1. First you need ESO Safe v1.3 to be installed
  2. The overwrite the files in your ESO Safe install folder with the files from this package (should be ESOSafe.exe, ESOSafe.pdb and
    • You could also replace step 1 & 2 by using the complete ESO Safe v1.3.1 no-setup package, which doesn't require ESO Safe to be installed and includes the Troubleshooter hotfix
  3. From a command line you can now start "troubleshoot mode" with the -troubleshoot command line switch

More details and instructions can be found in (attached in the archive).
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