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Update 4 (1.4.3)
Updated:09/29/14 12:17 PM
Created:09/29/14 12:17 PM
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ESO Safe 1.4 Hotfix #2
Version: v1.4.2
by: w33zl [More]
Hotfix 2 for ESO Safe 1.4 addresses some issues related to w33zl's Merchant.
  • Username is now case-insensitive in Shopkeeper data
  • Better error management
  • Username now editable in Settings window
  • More details in the log as well as now is case-inv

Only install this if you experience the described issues:
  • ESO Safe could not find any data from Shopkeeper and exits with a generic error ("failed to parse")
  • ESO Safe seems to run ok but no data is saved to wMerchantDB.lua
  • You know you have entered you w33zl's Merchant username in another way than you did when registering your account for the game (for example your registered with "UserName" and the entered "username" into ESO Safe)
  • You experience problems with w33zl's Merchant and ESO Safe but don't get any descriptive error message

Note: Hotfix 2 also contains ESO Safe 1.4 Hotfix 1
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