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Version: 1.15.180704-beta
by: zsban [More]
This addon is removed. I recommend to use other alternatives. Everything this addon did is possible to achieve with other addons.
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This AddOn is copyrighted and the Author does not wish for it to be distributed anymore. Any attempt to re-distribute this on our site will be removed.
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Originally Posted by crafty35a
Zsban, sounds like you are dead set against allowing someone else to use your code to maintain a new version of Inventory Assistant for the future... can I ask why? It's a real let-down to think I'm going to have to go back to II at some point when IA eventually stops working. IA is fantastic, just the UI alone is much better than II.

My reasons are difficult to explain without triggering unnecessary debate here where it does not really belong.

Also I'm certain some people would feel offended.

So let's just accept this as how it is, and focus on alternatives.

For Marazota, and others: feel free to maintain the addon and keep it alive for yourself if you want. But don't upload and share it again.
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