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More Target Information  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 3.15
by: lordrichter [More]
This is just a simple addon that changes the target text under the target heath bar to show information about the player and character that are different from what the base game displays.

Dark Brotherhood has resulted in some significant changes to the target information, as well as introducing nameplates. Some of the changes I am making to More Target Information might be better described as "Less Target Information" due to these changes.

NOTE: This is being released prior to the final Live version of ESO 2.4 and there may be updates to this add-on, as needed.

With nameplates, they have decided on color schemes for NPCs and players. I am changing the color scheme of the target frame to better match the nameplates.

-- Friendly NPCs will now display their name in green.
-- Justice System NPCs and guards will remain yellow.
-- Enemy and hostile targets will remain red.
-- Players that are in the ignore list will show as pink, both character and account name, and will show little other information.
-- Players will now be a cyan color to better match the nameplates. Friends will be a brighter cyan.
-- Guild mates no longer have a green name. Instead, the second line will be green when a guild is shared.
-- Players in the same group will be a light blue color that approximates the player group color in the nameplate.

Like with the current Veteran icon, the Champion icon will remain. However, rather than putting the Champion Rank in text after the name, it will continue to be a number right after the champion icon. For non-champion characters, the top line will start with the level instead of the name.

ZOS displays the title before the name on the top line. I have moved the class and race information to the second and have included the title after the name on the top line.

The add-on will take into consideration the setting preference for character name and account name. If the character name is displayed, the target information will not have the account name in it, except for when the player is in the same guild. Guild chat uses account names, so this will be displayed on the second row, before the class and race. Previously, this was on the first row.

ZOS has added the tabard guild information to the nameplates on a second row. Previously, More Target Information did not display what guild the player shared with the target because there could be multiple guilds. With the Dark Brotherhood version of this add-on, the second line of the target will contain a shared guild name. This will be the guild name of the most populated guild shared by both players. The API does not have information about the tabard being worn and this information cannot be displayed in the target frame. If this is ever added to the API, I will switch over to using this.

BETA: This addon has been updated to prevent the UI from displaying both the character name and account name in places outside of the target frame. This responds to the preference setting and changes the way the Interact menu works (press F to interact). This will conflict with anything that overrides ZO_GetPrimaryPlayerNameWithSecondary and might not work in all situations.

This addon is probably incompatible with any other addon that touches the TargetUnitFramereticle stuff. This includes several Advanced UI mods, however, some of them can be configured properly if this add on is preferred.

This Add-on is not created by, affiliated with or sponsored by ZeniMax Media Inc. or its affiliates. The Elder Scrolls® and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All rights reserved.
Change List:
2.8 - Compatible with Update 7 (ESO 2.1/Imperial City) and API 100012
2.9 - Updated for API 13 and ESO 2.2.4 (Orsinium)
2.9.1 - Version was not correct in the addon list.
2.10 - Updated for API 14 and ESO 2.3.5 (Thieves Guild)
3.0 - Updated for API 15 and ESO 2.4.5 (Dark Brotherhood) Read description for detailed changes.
3.1 - Change to Interact menu to display only name or account, not both.
3.2 - Updated for API 16 and ESO 2.5 (Shadows of the Hist), works with Dark Brotherhood
3.3 - Updated for API 17 and ESO 2.6 PTS (Shadows of the Hist, One Tamriel)
3.4 - Updated for API 18 and ESO 2.7 (Homestead)
3.5 - Updated for API 19 and ESO 3.0 (Morrowind)
3.6 - Updated for API 20 and ESO 3.1 (Horns of the Reach)
3.7 - Updated for API 21 and ESO 3.2 (Clockwork City)
3.8 - Updated for API 22 and ESO 3.3 (Dragon Bones)
3.9 - Updated for API 23 and ESO 4.0 (Summerset)
3.10 - Updated for API 24 and ESO 4.1 (Wolfhunter)
3.11 - Updated for API 25 and ESO 4.2 (Murkmire)
3.12 - Updated for API 26 and ESO 4.3 (Wrathstone)
3.13 - Updated for API 27 and ESO 5.0 (Elsweyr)
3.14 - Updated for API 28 and ESO 5.1 (Scalebreaker)
3.15 - Updated for API 29 and ESO 5.2 (Dragonhold)
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Arrow Distribution Package

Always include a folder in the compressed file, one in which to store the add-on files. Else, they are extracted and stored in the principal .../Addons folder, and the game client will not load the add-on.
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Exclamation Colors

Since I am red-green colorblind, I don't see the color "green" very well, when I see it at all. With the TESO pallette, green is identical to yellow. So I cannot distinguish "Fine" quality items from "Legendary" quality. I use the add-on Custom Colors to specify the colors for each of the qualities, which works for items.

So I suggest enabling players to specify the colors in the way that Custom Colors does. Else, please add an option to show "green" as orange, instead.
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Lightbulb @Name Is Needed

I'm also requesting more account information.
Being able to see the player's @name would be amazing.
Please look into implementing this.
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Re: Account name

Originally Posted by Sisqi76
Hi there,

Would it be possible to add the player's account name to the Target Information?
It is the only thing I am missing from this addon.

Kind regards,

Yes pls add this! thx for the addon
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Account name

Hi there,

Would it be possible to add the player's account name to the Target Information?
It is the only thing I am missing from this addon.

Kind regards,

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