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Harrowstorm (5.3.4)
Dragonhold (5.2.5)
Scalebreaker (5.1.5)
Elsweyr (5.0.5)
Updated:03/05/20 04:43 PM
Created:06/11/19 09:55 AM
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Total downloads:4,545
Version: 1.4.0
by: BloodStainCHild [More]
with this addon you can disable some synergys that you dont want take.
for example: you block "Blessed Shards" but still can take obs to increase the alkosh uptime

if you wish to get this addon in a different language feel free to PM me.

Credits to: Wheels i did take the basic information and ideas from his Synergy addon.

This addon was requested from the Guild "Grenzwächter" "EU Server"
v 1.4.0
+ error fixed UI error.. while disabled UI but sound on
v 1.3.9
+ UI not need to be enabled anymore to get the sound
v 1.3.8
+ UI Settings (size)
+ Able to Play a sound (options)
+ fixed shard synergie could be taken always ( was still enabled for testing )
+ fixed double option
v 1.3.7
+ New window to track "Major Slayer" (Lokke) also includes all other id's where you could get this buff
+ Disabling tracking window will remove the events to not get fired while not using (performance increase)
+ hopefully fixed some issue where it was not possible to take synergies (example: timeshift "gates" / sigil )
+ if there still be problems with taking synergys try bar swap to force recheck
v 1.3.6
- Removed HRC Confirm window since it didnt work
+ Changed Alkosh tracking ID
+ Getting synergy name now by ID so every language should work now :)
v 1.3.5
+ smal improves
= known issue: when you have seen one synergy on frontbar you can still take it on backbar even if you blocked it (since last big update)
v 1.3.4
+ Added the Option to Track Alkosh on bosses over UI
+ Added icons the the Option on each skill
v 1.3.3
+ fixed an issue where the blocked synergy could not be used but icon/annoucment was there
+ fixed an issue where syngergys that was on cooldown still shown as "able to use"
V 1.3.2
+ improved some code (forced refresh)
+ fixed a problem where it was not possible to use synergys for mechanics while frontbar or lokke check was on
+ added resource check
V 1.3.1
+ forces reload if savedata is still old version
+ force refresh synergy data on bar swap
V 1.3
+ Preset added (account wide)
+ Fixed an issue with BanditsUI that would not make it work
+ Settings now in submenus
V 1.2
+ Lokke Check fixed
V 1.1
- Removed the override function
+ Using PreHook now
+ Debug option "/bscas debug" to enable and logging unknown syngery names "/bscas" prints all unknown syngerys
+ Check PvP area "OnPlayerActivated"
+ Orbs and shards got now a seperate otion
+ Lokke Set check (if 0 lokke items are checked the setting will be ignored)
+ Using Globals insteed of "LibStub"
+ HRC Outbreak Dialog fix
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Unread 03/14/20, 12:28 AM  

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Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble getting presets to work. Currently I'm not able to get any settings or synergies to change when saving and loading different presets or even when switching to 'Default'. I've tried overwriting as well as creating entirely new presets, but no matter what, nothing ever changes when I select another preset or press 'load selected preset'. I mostly just wanted to be able to have different synergies selected depending on my role.
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Unread 03/06/20, 07:46 PM  
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Re: Lua Error 1.4.0

Originally Posted by SimplyArmin
newest update is throwing non stop lua errors at all boss fights with big health bar :
hmmm yea i got told already, that there is an error but i cannot reproduce it.

Could you tell me your UI settings? also maybe if you get this error on worldboss?
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Unread 03/05/20, 05:46 PM  

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Lua Error 1.4.0

newest update is throwing non stop lua errors at all boss fights with big health bar :
Last edited by SimplyArmin : 03/05/20 at 06:02 PM.
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Unread 09/07/19, 05:04 PM  
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Currently only English and German client supported since the synergieinformation can only be captured by the name.
That's not entirely true. Something you can do is use abilityIds.

If you take a look at UESP there are abilityIds for things such as "Conduit" and all of the other synergies. Then you can just check if the name for synergieinformation matches GetAbilityName() for the abilityIds on UESP. Then you don't need hard coded synergy names at all

For example, according to that url 23196 is an abilityId for "Conduit." If you run GetAbilityName(23196) the API returns "Conduit" on English clients and "Canalisation^f" for French clients.

If you'd like a reference you can take a look at this addon I made a while back where I used these Ids

Here's some of the Ids I know work and will correctly provide the translated name when used with GetAbilityName()

Lua Code:
  1. ----------- ABILITIES -----------
  2.      conduit = 23196,
  3.      harvest = 85572,
  4.      charged_lightning = 48076,
  5.      impale = 23061,
  6.      gravity_crush = 31603,
  7.      black_widow = 41994,
  8.      grave_robber = 115548,
  10.      combustion = 39301,
  11.      healing_combustion = 63507,
  12.      blessed_shards = 26832,
  13.      holy_shards = 95922,
  14.      pure_agony = 118604,
  16.      ----------- TRIAL SYNERGIES -----------
  17.      shed_hoarfrost = 103714,
  18.      celestial_purge = 74471,
  19.      power_switch = 92004,
  20.      gateway = 103489,
  21.      remove_bolt = 25763,
  22.      destructive_outbreak = 56667,
  23.      malevolent_core = 103983,
  24.      wind_of_the_welkynar = 104111,
  25.      welkynars_light = 104036,
  26.      levitate = 18986,
  27.      time_breach = 121210,
  29.      ----------- BLACKROSE SIGILS -----------
  30.      sigil_of_resurrection = 112907,
  31.      sigil_of_defense = 67240,
  32.      sigil_of_healing = 66920,
  33.      sigil_of_sustain = 112871,
  35.      ----------- MAELSTROM SIGILS -----------
  36.      sigil_of_power = 67209,
  37.      sigil_of_haste = 67253,
Last edited by init3 : 09/07/19 at 05:11 PM.
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Unread 06/12/19, 03:31 AM  
Tiara Ra

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Hi. Ty so much for this addon. Could u separate setting for healing and damage orbs plz? We would like to be able to allow one group to use one type of orb and the other on the other, and the third - both. Ty again.
PC EU, GM "Pride Inc" PvP/AD/Bahlokdaan
Recruting now
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Unread 06/11/19, 03:40 PM  
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Thanks for the addon.
But please do not use LibStub anymore for LibDialog. Just use the global variable LibDialog instead.
LibStub is going to be removed from all or at least many libraries, so they will all contain a global variable.
The same for LibAddonMenu-2.0 = LibAddonMenu2.

Also please do not add LibStub to your DependsOn tag in the manifest txt file but add the libraries needed there like this:
##DependsOn: LibAddonMenu-2.0 LibDialog

Be sure to update your addons accordingly please.

Find some more info about the "removal of LibStub" in this forum thread: https://www.esoui.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8492
Last edited by Baertram : 07/29/19 at 07:30 AM.
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