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Dragonhold (5.2.5)
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Created:10/21/19 02:11 PM
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Version: 2019-10-21
by: Enodoc, Uesp
Quest database from the UESP. Download uespLog to assist with data logging.

View the database online at esolog.uesp.net.

This library provides a quest database and lookup functions for use by other add-ons. The database is sourced from esolog.uesp.net.

Note that this does not include all quests - only quests captured by the uespLog add-on are recorded here. To help log more quests, download the add-on and run the included uespLogMonitor program to automatically upload data to the UESP.

This library is updated manually from the online database - send me a message @Enodoc if you think an update is required.

To include this library in your add-on, just add
## DependsOn: LibUespQuestData
to your add-on manifest.

  • LibUespQuestData:GetUespQuestInfo(number questId)
    • Returns: string name, number QuestType questType, string zoneName, string objectiveName
  • LibUespQuestData:GetUespQuestName(number questId)
    • Returns: string name
  • LibUespQuestData:GetUespQuestType(number questId)
    • Returns: number QuestType questType
  • LibUespQuestData:GetUespQuestLocationInfo(number questId)
    • Returns: string zoneName, string objectiveName, number poiIndex
  • LibUespQuestData:GetUespQuestBackgroundText(number questId)
    • Returns: string backgroundText
  • LibUespQuestData:GetIsUespQuestSharable(number questId)
    • Returns: boolean isSharable
  • LibUespQuestData:GetUespQuestInstanceDisplayType(number questId)
    • Returns: number InstanceDisplayType instanceDisplayType
  • LibUespQuestData:GetUespQuestRepeatType(number questId)
    • Returns: number QuestRepeatableType repeatType

Library developed by:
@Enodoc, Savant of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits (UESP)
UESP: The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages - A collaborative source for all knowledge on the Elder Scrolls series since 1995. Find us at www.uesp.net
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