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Version: 1.2.0
by: m00nyONE [More]
WarCry's for everyone!

The WarCry addon is a shortcut for playing collectibles / emotes via chat comands or at the press of a button. It is primarly used by our raidgroup to take screenshots & to just do some fun things.

The collectibile which is currently in use is the one you get from the open dungeon in wrothgar.

You can also now use it to sync with your group. The leader can write "ahu" in the party chat window and all players who have the addon will execute the animation. This can be disables in the settings if you don't want/need it.

$NAME can be anything ( if you use the API and create your own addon )
By default there are two modes: "ahu" & "roar"

this addon is based on LibWarCry which allows you to easily create WarCryType addons on your own.
It can be found here: and here:

  • /warcry $NAME - play a warcry
  • /wc - print help
  • /wcsettings - open settings menu
  • $NAME - (in group chat) everyone playes the emote
You can also set a keybind for the actions

There will be more to come:
  • chaining of emotes

Because i get some Questions regarding WarCry ingame, here is a small FAQ:

Q: Can i pls get my own WarCry? I'll pay you!!! PLS PLS
A: of course :-D I didn't ask for it but yes. you can add me on Discord ( m00ny#8416 ) or send your request ingame to @m00nyONE. Otherwise you can always write your own Addon using the LibWarCry and share it with your friends or your group.

Q: My GL said i have to download this. Why do i need this, i don't want this.
A: Maybe your Group or Trial leader thought it would be funny? But I'm not resposible for you not downloading an Addon :-D Just talk to him/her and explain why you do not want it and then everything should be fine i guess..

Q: Can you do it that everyone changes clothes to some predefined outfit or something?
A: Yes but this is out of scope for this addon. This is just a ProofOfConcept for my Library. But yeah.. i thought about something like this for a project maybe in the future
# 1.2.0
- add new WarCrys and an experimental outfit swap
- new: bathtime, unchained animals, bubbletime

# 1.1.1
- api Bump

# 1.1.0
- add some new emotes

# 1.0.4
- fixed that i missed the unregisterforevent after addon is loaded

# 1.0.3
- adding some user requested warcrys ( cherry, enlight me, army, firebreath)

# 1.0.2
- api bump
- fix title being off by one character

# 1.0.1
- api bump & better documentation in

# 1.0.0
- moving code to LibWarCry Library
- adding LibWaCry as dependency

# 0.3.1
- hotfixing bugs & more debugging

# 0.3.0
- reworking the whole base - now the listening string is the identifier for the WarCry
- adding "roar"
- convert addon to a lib - will be finished in the next update

# 0.2.0
- adding group sync via chat. only the leader of the group is allowed to trigger the animation for the group members
- adding ability to disable the chat listener

# 0.1.0
- first version
- adding keybinds for the emote to trigger it whenever you want
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I see great fun in this addon to do all kinds of weird stuff not in-sync, but in sequence. Of course this needs people to stand in the proper sequence first.

- /followme by 4 people closest to the leader who does /overhere
- /hammerwall, /hammerlow, hammerwall, hammerlow by people fixing a keep door
- /surrender followed by /poke and /playdead in sequence to provoke an opposite pvp group
- /facepalm followed by /lol when someone dies in a group by fallling
- I would love to see a human wave, but I just can't remember the emote
- /knock + /whistle + /shout and speech "Let me in" would become very annoying at a keep
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