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Version: 0.1
by: ExoY [More]
LibFloatingIcons by ExoY
All credit for the original idea, math and groundwork go to Odylon.

ALPHA Version 1 Release
Complete Overhaul is currently in progress

This alpha version only contains support for position icons. Player and NPC icons will be added with a later patch. Documentation for how to use the lib will follow within the next days.

WARNING: This is still an alpha version, thus API is subject to change. It is intended for developers to provide feedback and bugreports. I do not recommend implementing the lib in any published addon just yet.

Disclaimer: some code is still rather clumsy and needs to be optimized.


The addon OdySupportIcons - Group Role Icons & More(OSI) provides great capabilities and is used by numerous addon.
This project aims to move those functionalities into a library to enable
  • use without OSI
  • performance optimization
  • new functionalities
  • communication between multiple addons using the floating icons
  • independent development of OSI

I am aware that many addons require or depend on OSI. The goal is to provide at least all the functionalities that currently exist with OSI through this library and more.

That is the reason for this announcement. So that effected addon developers can provide their feedback, requests and concerns for the api interface and features of this library.

For the discussion please use primarily this discord server.

Time schedule (Updated)
  • due to some hick ups in the development will everything be shifted backwards (basically had to start from scratch again)
  • i will get the beta-version for testing and the official release out as soon as possible
  • regardless of the time for release, there will be 1-2 month before icon support by Ody is no longer provided

Afterwards I will rework some parts of OSI, which will include using the lib instead of its internal functions and thus remove the capability currently used by other addons from OSI. So there will be a period where OSI and the Lib both can be used to allow for a smooth transient, give any author enough time to adjust their code and iron out bugs.
Alpha Version

Version 0.1 (April 30th 2023, 12AM)
+ initial alpha version
+ only supports position icons
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Your discord server link in the description is broken.
And thanks for creating a library for that icon purpose, hope addons will at least try to use and gain from the API and performance.
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