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Murkmire (4.2)
Wolfhunter (4.1)
Summerset (4.0)
Dragon Bones (3.3)
Clockwork City (3.2)
Horns of the Reach (3.1)
Morrowind (3.0)
Homestead (2.7)
One Tamriel (2.6)
Shadows of the Hist (2.5)
Dark Brotherhood (2.4)
Thieves Guild (2.3)
Orsinium (2.2.4)
Updated:06/15/17 04:13 AM
Created:09/25/16 05:18 PM
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Categories:Utility Mods, Data Mods, ToolTip, Unit Mods, Miscellaneous
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Version: 1.1
by: Naeramarth [More]
Small and simple addon which will suppress all UI errors. Just install and go.
- reuploaded addon in the correct category

1.1 - fixed an issue, where the main function would trigger multiple times

1.0 - release
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Unread 05/21/18, 03:42 PM  

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As of today the add-on says out of date however if enabled it does suppress the ui errors I was having.
Thanks you.
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Unread 04/06/18, 04:32 PM  

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Thanks for this, cause I've been using Bug Catcher, but really I have no idea what any of the stuff it logs means, I just want all that to go away.
If and addon works good, if it doesn't, move on, I don't need a slew of popups or a laundry list of XX logs.
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Unread 08/26/17, 05:57 AM  

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Thx for this!
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