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Inventory Grid View.
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Update 6 (1.6.5)
Updated:03/28/15 06:00 AM
Created:03/28/15 06:00 AM
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Inventory Grid View Skin: Shine
Version: 1.10
by: Brodatv [More]

Skin for Inventory Grid View, which changes the appearance of icons and objects. Most of the available skins gives you bad indication of quality - small outlines or barely visable glow. In this skin you clearly know what item quality is, but the colors are not so eye-burning. Color and quality is located around the item and is clearly visible in the form of the gradient. When you hoover your mouse over item it will be highlighted, so you will clearly know what kind of item you are currently looking at.

Check out 3 screenshots - with outlines, without outlines and on-mouse-over.

How to install? - you have to enable Inventory Grid View (link above), than press Start Button or type "Addons" in search tab. Unzip the folder IGV_Shine_Skin.rar and paste it inside Addons. Or you can just go to Documents -> ElderScrollsOnline -> liveeu / livena -> Addons. Run the game and be sure to enable IGV Shine Skin in Addons and in Settings -> Addons Settings -> Inventory Grid View

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Use comments box below! Thanks for reading this page, checking out my skin, every download and share this skin with others is greatly appreciated.
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