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Clockwork City (3.2)
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No compass
Version: 6.100021
by: hatsune681 [More]
This very simple addon hides compass and adds 2 commands to activate and deactivate it :

The compass status is saved in an accountwide variable to keep it accross sessions.

This addon also adds /l2en /l2de and /l2fr commands to change lang on the fly, enabling different audio and text/ui languages. This cannot be saved as it change the actual language of the game. Do not forget to run the game through the launcher to get right audio language at launch.

There is no warranty it can be run with other addons (see my favourites to know compatible addons ). I just wanted to share this possibility with other players who also like immersion. Hope this helps
6.100021 Updated API version number
6.100019 Updated API version number
6.100017 Updated API version number
6.100016 Updated API version number
6.100015 Updated API version number
6.100014 Added key binding option
5.100014 Corrected a bug which let text above compass visible if present when hiding compass
4.100014 Updated API version number
4.100013 Updated API version number

Use globals instead of functions to get compass components
Minor bug Corrected in event register call

Cosmetic changes, added a few error checking inside code
Cosmetic changes in Add-Ons menu
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Unread 10/03/16, 05:57 PM  

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The addon works great, but I found two circumstances that have funny behavior.
1) If standing in an area that is marked with a blue circle for a quest, the top part of the screen will have a blue outline even when the compass is not present. It's just an empty blue box.
2) When fighting a boss, the boss health bar at the top of the screen has no background and is just the red part of the health bar. I could get used to this if it didn't have the two golden icons on the left and right, but it still wouldn't look how it's supposed to.
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Unread 06/30/16, 10:39 AM  

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Very Nice!!!

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
Thanks for this addon! I've had trouble with some of the other hide compass addons but this one does the trick.
Totally agree, I had bug using "Minimap" hidding options with "TiEmote" addon. With your addon, everything works perfectly.

Cheers and
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Unread 09/04/15, 09:59 PM  
Vagrant Zero

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Thanks for this addon! I've had trouble with some of the other hide compass addons but this one does the trick.
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