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Murkmire (4.2)
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WritWorthy  Updated this week!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 4.2.3
by: ziggr [More]
New as of 2018-11-15: Required, install separately: LibAddonMenu-2.0

  • Is a master writ worth doing?
  • Does this character have the skills to do so?
  • Want to craft it automatically?

Is this master writ worth doing?

Most writs consume less than 1000g worth of materials for each writ voucher they return. But some consume 2000g+ materials per voucher and might not be worth doing.

Shopping guild stores for Master Writs? What is the per-voucher cost of a writ, including both materials and purchase price?

This add-on adds text to each Master Writ's tooltip, showing the total material cost, purchase price (if any), and the cost per writ voucher reward.

It also optionally dumps a complete material list to chat. Surprisingly useful when filling Alchemy writs.

Does this character have the skills to do so?

Not interested in writs that you cannot craft?

This add-on shows big red warnings when writ requires a motif, trait, or recipe that the current character does not yet know.

It also shows orange warnings for missing skills that are not required, but which reduce the cost of expensive writs, such as Temper Expertise.

(No, WritWorthy does not check inventory for required materials, or space to hold the the crafted item. I assume a master crafter can handle their own inventory management.)

Want to craft it automatically?
  1. Bind a key to "Show/Hide WritWorthy" or type /writworthy in chat.
  2. Use that key binding to see a list of all Sealed Master Writs in the current character's inventory.
  3. Check the ones you want to craft automatically next time the character visits the appropriate crafting station. Or "Enqueue All" if you want to craft them all.
  4. "Sort by Station" to see which crafting stations you need to visit.
  5. Walk up to a station, 'E' interact, and watch Dolgubon's LibLazyCrafter make your items.
  6. Wait patiently while the automatic crafting occurs. If you cancel interaction while still auto-crafting, you might end up auto-crafting an item twice, wasting materials. There is no indication for "all done". Sorry.
  7. Once you have crafted items for your writs, you can open them, accept their quest, and the quest will automatically advance to "Turn in".

Thanks to Dolgubon's LibLazyCrafting which makes automatic crafting possible.

Automatic crafting requires that the appropriate cost-reduction skills have been maxed out: Temper Expertise, Chef, Brewer, or Chemistry.

Follow development on GitHub
ESO-WritWorthy on GitHub

Thank You
Huge thank you to Rhyono and Dolgubon for all the programming help.
I pulled some internal glyph and recipe list item_id values from CraftStore Fixed and Improved and ESO Master Recipe List: saved me a couple hours of work.

4.2.3 2018-11-15
  • Remove library: LibAddonMenu-2.0. Install it separately.
  • Remove ATT/Arkadius' Trade Tools support. It caused too many error reports in the 4 months it existed.

4.2.2 2018-10-23
  • Library Update:
  • LibAddonMenu-2.0 26
  • LibCustomMenu 6.6 standalone
  • LibLazyCrafting 2.22

4.2.1 2018-09-17
  • Update 20/4.2.1/API 100025/Murkmire
  • Add Welkynar and Dremora motif knowledge.

4.1.5 2018-08-21
  • Update to LibLazyCrafting b62e972 (Smithing 2.5, use only 1 green material for jewelry)

4.1.4 2018-08-17
  • Jewelry: honor reduced material requirements in material cost display.

4.1.3 2018-08-16
  • Unofficial fix to LibLazyCrafting for jewelry crafting reduced improvement costs.
  • Bugfix: "SI_KEYBINDINGS_CATEGORY_WRIT_WORTHY" erroneously appearing in Controls/Keybindings
  • Minor text fixes.

4.1.2 2018-07-24
  • Support Arkadius' Trade Tools. Untested. Thank you, Patros, for the code.
  • Update M.M. fallback prices to PC NA 2018-07. Done mostly so that I could see how the PTS increase to Jewelry voucher rewards affects cost per voucher. (1500-5000g per voucher. Still 4x-8x what other tradeskills cost.)
  • Update to latest Dolgubon's LibLazyCrafter 2.2.
  • Minor text fixes.

4.1.1 2018-07-12
  • Update 19/4.1.1/API 100024/Wolfhunter
  • Typofix: Stalhrim not Stahlrim. Thank you, Lakashi, for the find.
  • Welkynar: Still not craftable in-game, but at least we have an item link for its crafting material "Gryphon Plume".
  • Sirinsidiator's LibSlashCommander now optional.

4.0.12 2018-07-04
  • Bugfix: string.format() error for jewelry crafter writs. Thank you, Dolgubon, for the report.

4.0.11 2018-07-04
  • Bugfix: Performance improvement cache never invalidated itself to load fresh prices. Now the cache lasts for 5 minutes before resetting.
  • Updated to LibSlashCommander 1.0 r5. Fixes the "cannot up-arrow through chat history" bug.
  • Typofix: "vitified malondo" broke parsing of Psijic Order writs.
  • Fix: Pyandonean motifs fixed.
  • New: "Unknown motif: 73" error tooltip for motifs such as Welkynar that appear in writs but whose crafting details are not yet in-game and programmed into WritWorthy. Also omit such writs from WritWorthy autocraft window: they are not yet worthy.

4.0.10 2018-06-01
  • Performance improvement. Internally cache Master Merchant prices to avoid duplicate lookups. Affects both the big WritWorthy window as well as the filter for Awesome Guild Store.

4.0.9 2018-05-22
  • Update to LibLazyCrafting 2.1. Fixes "LibLazyCrafting function missing" errors
  • Include style information for new styles. Fixes "inserted value must be specified" and "bad argument #1 to ipairs" errors in materials code. Thank you, XomRhoK for bug reports.

4.0.8 2018-05-19
  • Summerset: use final texture string to detect jewelry writs.

4.0.7 2018-05-18
  • bugfix: ESO+ subscriber bank now works. Thanks, Snow, for the fix!
  • bugfix: "Show material list in chat" setting works again. Thanks, XomRhoK for the bug report.
  • error reporting: "LibLazyCrafting function missing" now dumps more details to help ziggr figure out what's going wrong.
  • new: /writworthy count -- shows number of writs you have, and how many vouchers they're all worth.
  • add Sirinsidiator's most excellent LibSlashCommander 1.0 r4. Allows for command descriptions.

4.0.6 2018-05-04
  • Update to LibLazyCrafting 2.0 with its shiny new support for jewelry crafting.

4.0.5 2018-04-28
  • AwesomeGuildStore code review from Sirinsidiator: fix spacing so that WritWorthy and Master Merchant filters don't draw on top of each other. Internal caching to accelerate filter.

4.0.4 2018-04-27
  • AwesomeGuildStore filter! You can now search guild stores for master writs that cost X gold or less to purchase + craft. Look for a "Per Voucher:" field when on the Consumables/Master Writ shopping tab.
  • Preliminary Jewelry Crafting support. Disabled in this release.

4.0.3 2018-04-21
  • Fixed: motif names appear in "Detail 3" column again. Thank you, tomtomhotep for the bug report.
  • "Mat total: ?g" tooltip text now appears in red to better warn you that the per-voucher pricce ignores crafting cost. Thank you XomRhoK for the feature request.
  • Add "+ bank" to window subtitle when showing writs from both the character inventory and bank.

4.0.2 2018-04-20
  • Fixed: M.M. Fallback works again.
  • New option: showing price in tooltip is now optional. Because some people use WritWorthy more for the crafting and less for the pricing. Thank you @Jerkling for the feature request.
  • New option: Include bank when listing writs available to craft. Be careful with this: no warning if you craft the same banked writ on multiple characters. Thank you @UESP for the feature request.

4.0.1 2018-04-17
  • Update 18/4.0.0/API 100023/Summerset
  • Jewelry master writs parsed, materials listed, and knowledge checked.
  • Auto-crafting not yet implemented for jewelry
  • Manavortex's alternating colors for BS/CL/WW stations (thank you!).
  • Rename "Julianos" to full "Law of Julianos" to better match the stations's displayed name.

3.3.2 2018-02-22
  • Add HotR motif style IDs. Thank you, Rhyono for the numbers from CraftStore
  • Remove unwanted LibAddonMenu.txt manifest file from like 2 years ago that was 1. in the wrong directory, and 2. shouldn't have been there at all. Thank you, Marazota for the find and fix.
  • LibAddonMenu updated from r18 (!) to r25.

3.3.1 2018-01-29
  • Update 17 / ESO 3.3 / Dragon Bones / API 10022
  • /writworthy command toggles window
  • Exit crafting station after auto-crafting all we can at this station.
  • Update to LibLazyCrafting 1.1.9 8ef2e2, matching Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter 1.1.6 and Writ Crafter 36.19.

3.2.5 2017-12-16
  • by Dolgubon: Adapt to API in LibLazyCrafting 1.9.
  • Fixes the Provisioning and Alchemy checks.
  • Fix possible issues with the LLC callback, honor crafting response code.

3.2.4 2017-12-15
3.2.3 2017-12-13
3.2.2 2017-11-09
  • Update to LibLazyCrafting 1.5. Same library version as in Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter v36.8 and Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter v1.0.19
  • Allow WritWorthy window to be moved partially offscreen. Zig finds it very handy to slide the window off to the right and just focus on crafting station names when doing dozens of master writs at a time.
  • Stop making an unnecessary extra crafted provisioning/alchemy item. Thank you Dolgubon for finding a 100% reproduction case.

3.2.1 2017-10-29
  • Update to LibLazyCrafting 1.4. This fixes the error "WritWorthy_Window.lua:1118: attempt to index a nil value"

3.1.5 2017-10-16
  • "Show material list in chat" has a new "Alchemy only" option for folks (like me!) who only check the material list for alchemy.
  • Bug Fix: check required materials right before attempting to craft alchemy or provisioning items. If you don't have enough Bugloss or Frost Mirriam, write that to chat and skip that item.
  • LibLazyCrafting: update to version 1.3 (circa October 2017)

3.1.4 2017-08-26
  • Refresh button
  • "prosperous" -> "invigorating"
  • LibLazyCrafting: update from version 0.4 to 1.2, adapt to some API changes
  • LibLazyCrafting: fix bugs/missing features in 1.2, bump version to 1.3. This is not an official Dolgubon library release, so I expect bugs/surprises next time Dolgubon updates any of their crafting add-ons.

3.1.3 2017-08-15
  • Manavortex's fix for autocraft window's error: "attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value" if you run without Master Merchant.

3.1.2 2017-08-14
  • "Motif X not known" fixed. I was off by +1 for all motifs.
  • HotR Motifs added: Redoran, Hlaalu, Telvanni. Not sure if they'll show up in writs, but if they do, WritWorthy will now check Master Merchant for their style material prices, just likt it does for all other motifs.

3.1.1 2017-08-14
  • ESO 3.1 Horns of the Reach/API 20
  • Squelch errors for "table index is nil" for new item style constants.
  • Autocraft: no longer add mystery +1 to motif index. No longer required or correct.
  • KNOWN BUG: "Motif Barbaric not known" even though you do know this motif. For some reason the ESO API returns "false" for IsSmithingStyleKnown(barbaric=17+1) even if you know that motif. All motifs off by one.

3.0.7 2017-07-16
  • Public API Support: new function WritWorthy.ToMatCost(itemLink) returns material cost for a single writ.
  • Bugfix: Make WritWorthy global be the actual add-on, not the LibAddOnMenu pane. Thank you sirinsidiator and silvereyes for the report+fix!

3.0.6 2017-07-10
  • Bugfix: would inconsistently fail to report "Motif XXX not known" for some motifs. Thank you Rhyono for helping me debug this.

3.0.5 2017-06-22
  • Replace hardcoded skill indices with a runtime scan for localized skill name. Turns out those indices change from player to player, are not constants. And there are no "skillId" analogs to "itemId" constants. Oh well. Fall back to string matching. Hopefully this will end the many reports of nil errors on other people's ESO clients. I included the names for EN, DE, and FR. I do not have a JP client, so I lack those names, sorry.

3.0.4 2017-06-20
  • Bugfix: operator < is not supported for nil < nil. Thanks to Tonyleila for the report.

3.0.3 2017-06-18
  • New window with list of all master writs in backpack.
  • Automatic crafting of writs.
  • integrate Dolgubon's LibLazyCrafting 0.4, which is actually Dolgubon's LibLazyCrafting 0.3 but with Zig-added support for alchemy and provisioning. If those don't work, it's Zig's fault not Dolgubons. Thank you Dolgubon for all the help!

3.0.2 2017-05-28
  • Morrowind API: replace temporary workaround numbers with actual constants for new styles. Thank you @Rhyono for the CraftStore Morrowind update which had all the quest IDs I needed for the "which pages do you know?" query.
  • BugFix: never had a quest ID for the "Order of the Hour" motif. Now I do.

3.0.1 2017-05-21
  • ESO 3.0 Morrowind/API 19
  • Temporary workaround: some item style constants changed in the new API and until I can figure out the new ones, use magic numbers. WritWorthy might report incorrect known/unknown results for these three motifs: Skinchanger, Grim Harlequin, Hollowjack.
  • Provisioning: require 2x crafting attempts, since most Provisioning writs seem to require 8 servings. (I assume any character performing master writs will have Chef/Brewer/Chemistry passive skills maxxed out.)

2.7.10 2017-04-04
  • Option to fall back to hardcoded prices for common style and trait materials.

2.7.9 2017-03-22
  • AHA Found the "Trait not known" bug for medium armor: when a writ required a trait for some medium armor piece (such as belt), WritWorthy erroneously checked the light armor piece (such as sash).

2.7.8 2017-03-22
  • Debug log: records details about the 20 most recent writs. If there's a problem with a writ, send a screenshot of the offending writ (or the UI error), and a screenshot of the writ that caused the problem. This ought to help me figure out what's going wrong.

2.7.7 2017-02-25
  • Stop crashing auf Deutsch. When building recipe ingredient lists out of ZOS-returned data, use item links, not names, as element keys. All WritWorthy text is still in US English. The only change here is that it can run correctly when the ESO client is set to German.

2.7.6 2017-02-25
  • Survive without Master Merchant. If missing, or if its database lacks some required materials, display "?g" for "unknown amount of gold" and don't count materials costs when calculating per-voucher cost.

2.7.5 2017-02-24
  • Add big red text to tooltip if current character cannot craft the required item due to missing motif, traits or recipe.

2.7.4 2017-02-20
  • Add a table of recipes to Provisioning so that the provisioning writs can show a material list even if the current character does not know the required recipe. Fixes "Recipe not found" errors for such writs.

2.7.3 2017-02-16
  • Settings UI: checkbox to enable/disable material list dump to chat. Too much clutter in the chat window.
  • Bugfix: Alchemy materials had poison/potion = Alkahest/Lorkhan's Tears swapped.

2.7.2 2017-02-14
  • Replace string matching with item_link parsing

2.7.1 2017-02-12
  • First release. Uses string matching that worked only for US English clients.
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Unread 11/15/18, 07:32 PM  
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Re: HEADS UP: Writ Worthy, Daily Alchemy, & Daily Provisioning

Originally Posted by Shadowshire
Unfortunately, I have discovered that Daily Alchemy and Daily Provisioning can -- at least in some situations -- evidently interfere with Writ Worthy auto-crafting
Thank you for your report.

When you have multiple add-ons, each instructed to start crafting their own thing as soon as you interact with a crafting station, they will attempt to do so. Sorry the results aren't what you wanted.

Edit: I tend to disable other crafting add-ons when I'm working on master writs. Maybe doing something similar might work for you, too.

Last edited by ziggr : 11/15/18 at 11:21 PM.
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Unread 11/15/18, 07:27 PM  
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Removing ATT Support in next WritWorthy release

Originally Posted by wambo
In combination (alone both are working fine) with ArkadiusTradeTools I get the following error:
Thank you for your report. I will remove ATT support in an upcoming release.

I don't run with ATT, don't have it installed, and am not about to attempt to debug a feature I never use.

Edit: I just uploaded WritWorthy 4.2.3 that has ATT support commented out. Now we are all protected from these error reports.

Last edited by ziggr : 11/15/18 at 08:38 PM.
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Unread 11/15/18, 03:46 PM  

Forum posts: 8
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In combination (alone both are working fine) with ArkadiusTradeTools I get the following error:

user:/AddOns/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales.lua:530: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales.lua:530: in function 'ArkadiusTradeToolsSales:GetItemSalesInformation'
user:/AddOns/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales.lua:641: in function 'ArkadiusTradeToolsSales:GetAveragePricePerItem'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy_Util.lua:197: in function 'Util.MMPrice'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy_Util.lua:102: in function 'Util.MatPrice'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy_MatRow.lua:38: in function 'MatRow:FromName'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy_Alchemy.lua:347: in function 'Parser:ToMatList'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy_Alchemy.lua:395: in function 'Parser:ToDolRequest'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy.lua:295: in function 'WritWorthy:ScanInventoryForMasterWrits'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy_Window.lua:1411: in function 'WritWorthyInventoryList.RestoreFromSavedChariables'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy.lua:560: in function 'WritWorthy:Initialize'
user:/AddOns/WritWorthy/WritWorthy.lua:525: in function 'WritWorthy.OnAddOnLoaded'
Will post it at ATT too.

@Shadowspire, I never have issues with those active, iirc daily alchemy / provisioning allow you to rightclick and enqueue their writs as well, that proved to be a problem for me before...
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Unread 11/10/18, 11:44 PM  

Forum posts: 1
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Exclamation HEADS UP: Writ Worthy, Daily Alchemy, & Daily Provisioning

Unfortunately, I have discovered that Daily Alchemy and Daily Provisioning can -- at least in some situations -- evidently interfere with Writ Worthy auto-crafting for Sealed Master Alchemy Writs, and for Sealed Master Provisioning Writs, respectively. As far as I know, they are not documented with regard to Master Crafting Writs, whether Sealed or accepted and pending. I have posted these comments to the respective tabs for them, too.

(1) Alchemy: The character did not have a daily Alchemy Writ pending, nor an accepted Master Alchemy Writ pending. Nonetheless, from the output to the crafting station UI, apparently Daily Alchemy attempted to complete one Sealed Master Alchemy Writ. But only four units of the potion were crafted instead of eight. Apparently Writ Worthy attempted to craft the potions too, but failed. (Note: the Sealed Master Alchemy Writ remained unaccepted.) I disabled Daily Alchemy and manually crafted four more units of the potion. Then Writ Worthy auto-crafted the items required for the two remaining Sealed Master Alchemy Wits in the character's Bags without incident.

(2) Provisioning: The character had an uncompleted daily Provisioning Writ, which I did not realize was pending. From the output to the crafting station UI, apparently Daily Provisioning crafted the items for the pending Provisioning Writ. The Sealed Master Provisioning Writs were ignored. Probably Writ Worthy would not or could not craft items for them because the items for the daily Provisioning Writ had not, of course, been delivered. After I delivered them, I disabled Daily Provisioning, as a precaution. Then Writ Worthy crafted the items for the Sealed Master Provisioning Writs without incident.

Writ Worthy auto-crafted the Glyphs for the Sealed Master Enchanting Writs without a problem. I do not have an auto-crafting add-on for Daily Enchanting Writs and don't intend to use one in the future.
---- Shadowshire ..... nil carborundum illegitimi
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Unread 10/24/18, 03:43 PM  
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Engraving level 5

I bought some jewellery crafting writs which WritWorthy said my character could do but when I click on each of them they all say they require engraving level 5. At the moment my character has only engraving level 4.
This is not a big problem for me because the character should get to level 5 in a week or two and I will hang on to the writs till then. I just thought I should report it though.
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Unread 10/23/18, 05:01 AM  

Forum posts: 88
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in manifest version of addon still ## Version: 4.1.5

so its confusing minion always want it to reinstall

pls fix
Last edited by Marazota : 10/23/18 at 05:47 AM.
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Unread 10/06/18, 08:52 AM  

Forum posts: 88
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will be nice if refresh burron of addon not only re-check inventory for more writs, but also re-check skill passives needed
right now its red if i just levelup alchemy, and i need reloadui just for Writ worthy, because it says i still cannot craft them
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Unread 10/02/18, 11:56 PM  

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Hi ziggr,

there is a new AddOn "Confirm Master Writ" from Marify that checks the requirements of a masterwrit and adds that info to the tooltip. Now I get two hints if a motif is missing. Since it makes more sense to keep it in the new AddOn: could you please add an option to disable that info for those who use both AddOns?
Last edited by TNTKokser : 10/02/18 at 11:57 PM.
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Unread 09/17/18, 04:45 AM  

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The master writ crafting system is not recognizing that I have the welkynar motif, still saying its not known. I did get it through the crown store full book and not the individual pages, don't know if perhaps that could cause the issue.

Edit: The tooltip when you hover over a writ is also indicating the motif is not known, even though it is.
Last edited by john98837 : 09/17/18 at 12:26 PM.
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Unread 08/24/18, 02:02 PM  
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ATT not supported

Originally Posted by Almariel
ATT support which you added some versions ago seems to work fine, but doesn't show anything for jewelrycrafting writs so far.
Sorry that the ATT feature isn't working for you.

Not something I use. Not supported.

Code donated by Patros. Thank you.

If Patros' code works for you, great!
If it doesn't? Oh well. Unsupported. Maybe a fellow ATT-using player can supply a workaround or fixed code.
Last edited by ziggr : 08/24/18 at 02:04 PM.
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Unread 08/24/18, 01:59 AM  
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ATT support which you added some versions ago seems to work fine, but doesn't show anything for jewelrycrafting writs so far.
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Unread 08/21/18, 11:23 PM  
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Translate WritWorthy to French/German/Other

Originally Posted by FWSWBN
another request (localizations for writ worthy)
in german, i can help you if you plan to do it (if you need and want help)
Feature request noted.

I get a few requests per year for language support. I might do it one day if I run out of other things to do. But for now, I would rather spend my time working on other features.
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Unread 08/21/18, 10:46 PM  
FWSWBN's Avatar

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Re: Support Mimic Stones

Originally Posted by ziggr
treads dangerously close to adding inventory management/scanning to WritWorthy, which is something I am loathe to do. So I'm not implementing for now.
great to hear and take all the time you need.
in my case it was one writ i could not auto craft, so i did it on the normal way

another request (localizations for writ worthy)
in german, i can help you if you plan to do it (if you need and want help)
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Unread 08/21/18, 02:04 PM  
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WritWorthy makes too many poisons

Originally Posted by Gamer1986PAN
At least in german Client you make more poisons like you would need if you let them autocraft because it seems to not check the inventory in first place. Would be nice if you could find a way to fix it (like add a item-link in the table where you can click on the poison to see how much you already have in inventory and just craft the difference)
Bug report noted. Will not fix.

Known and annoying.

But I have no intention of ever fixing this or enhancing WritWorthy to detect this. It would require several days of design and code work, and introduce several weeks of bugs. Do I really want to work that hard just to save somebody else a few hundred gold's worth of Nightshade? No. No I do not. Sell the excess to an NPC. Or better yet, uncheck one of the poison writs in the WritWorthy window to avoid unnecessary crafting.
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Support Mimic Stones

Originally Posted by FWSWBN
possible to add a option to use mimic stones if no style material is available?
Request noted.

treads dangerously close to adding inventory management/scanning to WritWorthy, which is something I am loathe to do. So I'm not implementing for now.
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