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Murkmire (4.2)
Updated:11/07/18 09:25 AM
Created:09/13/17 05:41 PM
Monthly downloads:1,823
Total downloads:203,370
Categories:Bags, Bank, Inventory, Data Mods, Graphic UI Mods, Miscellaneous, Utility Mods
Auto Category - Custom Inventory Categories  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.34
by: rockingdice, crafty35a
Still struggling to manage your inventory? Always full of items that you don't know how to deal with?

This add-on will help sort things out!

Auto Category adds categories to your inventory, bank, guild bank, craft bag, and crafting station screens. Fully customizable!

Supported add-ons:
Alpha Gear
FCO Item Saver
Tamriel Trade Centre
Master Merchant
Iakoni's Gear Changer
Set Tracker

Original Keyboard Interface:

Inventory Grid View:

BetterUI for Gamepad:

  • Pre-defined rules and settings for beginners, download and use with no more settings required. Just that easy!
  • A nice header is added for each custom category. Get a clear view of your inventory.
  • Auto integrate with all interfaces. Keyboard is fully supported. Gamepad supports most of them, and
    Gamepad with BetterUI is supported.
  • Fully customizable rules based on LUA, for advanced users you can categorize items as the way you want.
  • Use pre-defined or your own rules, applying them to your backpack/bank/guild bank/craft bag/craft station, it will refresh categories immediately without reloading.
  • Complete wiki for learning rules. Need more rules/Have great ideas/Need other add-on integration? Just request a new API!
  • Auto group for your set items without adding rules one by one.

You can find more rule details and examples in:
Auto Category's wiki

If you enjoy this add-on and think my work is really worthy, you can send me in-game coin to:
@RockingDice in NA megaserver
or donate via Paypal :

Any donations will keep me make more good add-on for improving your gaming experience!
1.34 Changes:
  • Added itemname() to match items by name. Returns true if the item name contains any of the provided strings (case insensitive), e.g. itemname("Maelstrom", "Alkosh")

1.33 Changes:
  • Bumped API version for Murkmire.

1.32 Changes:
  • More huge performance improvements! Thanks again to Shadowfen who did all the work here. (Pre-compile rules as they are changed)
  • Replaced Set Tracker support function GetSetTrackerState() with IsTracked(). If you used the old function, you will need to update your rule (sorry). This was done to bring the usage inline with the way the other similar functions work. Usage, e.g.: IsTracked("Sell/Decon", "Collecting")

1.31 Changes:
  • Big performance increase (2x or better for me), thank you to Shadowfen for the code change suggestion!
  • Updated libraries

1.30 Changes:
  • Added French translation. Big thanks to Hasgaad!

1.29 Changes:
  • HOTFIX - resolve errors at merchant due to Wolfhunter API changes.

1.28 Changes:
  • Bumped API version for Wolfhunter.

1.27 Changes:
  • Bumped API version for Summerset.
  • Added support for jewelry crafting ingredients. Note: you will need to either create a new rule yourself, or reset AutoCategory to default settings to grab the new default rule.
    • To create your own rule, use
      Lua Code:
      1. filtertype("jewelrycrafting")
    • To reset to default settings: In the Auto Category add-on menu, use the Defaults button. Then use the /reloadui command. Important: this will remove any custom rules/settings you have defined.
  • New API function "IsMarkedIS()" - use to test whether an item is marked with Item Saver. Note that FCO ItemSaver users should continue to use "IsMarked()"

1.26 Changes:
  • New API function "islocked()" - use to test whether an item has been locked.

1.24 Changes:
  • Resolve circular dependency issue with DoItAll (requires matching update to DoItAll).

1.23 Changes:
  • Added Set Tracker support! Use "getsettrackerstate()" to retrieve the name of the Set Tracker category, if an item is tracked.
  • Added charlevel() and charcp() to pull current character level and CP. Can be used to compare item level to your character level with a custom rule. (Thanks to VulcanTourist)

1.22 Changes:
  • You can now define separate settings for your home storage chests (they will take their initial settings from your bank settings, but can be customized at will).

1.21 Changes:
  • Added support for home storage chests (big thanks to raj72616a). Currently, they will use the settings selected for your bank (no custom settings for home chests yet).
  • Bumped API version for Dragon Bones.
  • New maintainer (crafty35a).

1.19 Changes:
  • Fixed Localization.
  • New Feature: Collapsed/Expanded status can be saved now. You can turn it on in the general setting menu.

1.18 Changes:
  • Fixed Bug: IGV will show the last category correctly.
  • Fixed Bug: Items Count can be turned off permanently.
  • Fixed Bug: Quest Panel will not complain about lua error.

1.17 Changes:
  • Removed debug logs in destruct/improvement panel

1.16 Changes:
  • New Feature: Collapsible Category. You can now click the header to fold all items inside. Get an overall view of your inventory! Context Menu is available, you can collapse/expand all headers with one click.
  • New Feature: Hide-able Category. You can hide some categories to focus on the items you need to deal with. Also you can hide the items that are not matched in the 'Other' category. Can be set in bag setting menu.
  • New Feature: Items Count. You can get a total number about how many items inside the category. This can be turned off in the general setting menu.
  • Account Wide setting changed: You can switch account wide/character wide for each of your characters. (* Need to select again if you use character setting before, don't affect the bag settings)
  • Fixed bug: Removed duplicated rules in bag setting.
  • Fixed bug: German set names should be able to be matched now.
  • Changed api:keepresearch()
    After a lot of tests, the api is not working fine. So I decided to make the api work more simple: It will match all the items can be researched. If you want better result, please use it with other api together. This is a basic idea to filter the item that is not part of a set and can be researched:
    Lua Code:
    1. keepresearch() and not isset()
  • New api:isset() api:ismonsterset()

1.15 Changes:
  • New feature: Category header's height is customizable!
  • New feature: You can change the name of ungrouped Category.
  • New feature: Added a message in chat when toggling the add-on's function, and a switch for it to turn on/off.
  • Fixed bug: Toggling in Inventory Grid View should not result a bad layout.
  • Fixed bug: Removed tag should not to be restored after relog.
  • New Add-ons Integrated!
    Do It All: You can now use it with AC together.
    Alpha Gear: Added a new api:alphagear
    Master Merchant: Added a new api:getpricemm
    Tamriel Trade Centre: Added a new api:getpricettc
  • New api:isinbank

1.14 Changes:
  • CwC is supported!
  • Fixed integration for Inventory Grid View(3.2).

1.13 Changes:
  • Fixed Bug: Setting for Craft Station is not working.
  • Added API:
    please see api:getquality
  • Updated localization for Chinese.

1.12 Changes:
  • New Function: Export to all bag settings. You can now replace all bag settings by one of them.
  • Added API:
    please see api:quality
  • Fixed Bug: Import from bag setting will incorrectly make settings be linked together.

1.11 Changes:
  • New bags supported: Guild Bank / Craft Bag / Craft Station for both keyboard and gamepad mode.
  • New function: Import from bag setting: you can import from a bag setting to replace current one. No need to create it from the beginning. Make backups by copying your AutoCategory.lua in SavedVariables folder!
  • New add-on supported: Quick Menu you can toggle Auto Category by Quick Menu to save a key binding, check it out!
  • Added API:
    please see api:sellprice and api:islearnable for more info.

1.10 Changes:
1.09 Changes:
1.08 Changes:
  • Fixed Category 'Trait/Style Gems' (If not changed, please try to restore to defaults)
  • Added Localization support.

1.07 Changes:
  • Fixed a rare issue of IGV integration.

1.06 Changes:
  • Fixed Quest tab issue.
  • Adjusted the height of header to the same as item row.
  • Added custom appearance of header text. You can set up them in the setting menu (or type /ac)

1.05 Changes:
  • Fixed multiple add-on compatible issue.
  • Fixed auto set name in different languages.
  • Added API:
    please see api reference and tutorial for more info.

1.04 Changes:
  • Added gamepad trade inventory support. Thanks @catsith105 for testing!

1.03 Changes:
  • Integrated with 'Inventory Grid View'
  • Added a tutorial button.
  • Added a wiki home page and tutorial page.

1.02 Changes:
  • Fixed banking issue with deposit/withdraw items.

1.01 Changes:
  • Updated lib: LibAddonMenu to r24
  • Refined Addon Setting Menu
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Unread 06/17/22, 05:59 PM  

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Originally Posted by Necropsi
is this addon not working for anybody else or is it just me? thank you!
Your solution might be here:

The addon you posted on wasn't updated since 2018, there is a new revised version. Just guessing here
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Unread 06/16/22, 10:07 AM  

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is this addon not working for anybody else or is it just me? thank you!
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Unread 05/27/22, 04:27 AM  
Mr.Envy's Avatar

Forum posts: 17
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Hey, I've been experiencing this LUA Error when trying to sort items by their value in the guild stores' inventory while using ATT to show their sale price value. This issue results in the inventory breaking, forcing me to reloadui in order to be able to list other items for sell. I know it must pe a conflict with that addon and I'm hoping it will get fixed eventually, I will post the same issue on ATT's comments section. Thank you for your work! It really is much appreciated.

/EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_TableUtils.lua:103: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
/EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_TableUtils.lua:103: in function 'ZO_TableOrderingFunction'
(tail call): ?
[C]: in function 'table.sort'
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/Hooks_Keyboard.lua:228: in function 'prehookSort'
/EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_Hook.lua:18: in function 'ApplySort'
/EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/Inventory.lua:1806: in function 'ZO_InventoryManager:UpdateList'
/EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/Inventory.lua:1387: in function 'ZO_InventoryManager:ChangeFilter'
[C]: in function 'PostHookFunction'
/EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/Inventory.lua:38: in function 'HandleTabSwitch'
/EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_MenuBar/ZO_MenuBar.lua:286: in function 'MenuBarButton:Release'
/EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_MenuBar/ZO_MenuBar.lua:604: in function 'MenuBar:SelectDescriptor'
(tail call): ?
/EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/Inventory.lua:1325: in function 'ZO_InventoryManager:ChangeFilter'
[C]: in function 'PostHookFunction'
/EsoUI/Ingame/Inventory/Inventory.lua:38: in function 'HandleTabSwitch'
/EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_MenuBar/ZO_MenuBar.lua:286: in function 'MenuBarButton:Release'
/EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_MenuBar/ZO_MenuBar.lua:656: in function 'ZO_MenuBarButtonTemplate_OnMouseUp'
ZO_MainMenuCategoryBarButton1_MouseUp:3: in function '(main chunk)'
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Unread 07/06/21, 11:21 PM  

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Fenced Treasures as custom filter


Thanks for this great addon.

I would like to create a custom category for Treasures (stolen items mostly after fencing).
I have tried to use type("treasure") as a filter but I cannot make it work.
Can you help me ?

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Unread 06/03/21, 01:17 PM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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AutoCategory - Revised

Before you download the new addon, you will need to uninstall the old AutoCategory addon and delete the saved variables.

Also, AutoCategory - Revised does have gamepad-support (thanks to a contributer), but it does not integrate with BetterUI any more as I do not have a gamepad and cannot test or upgrade it.

AutoCategory - Revised
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Unread 06/02/21, 08:42 PM  

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This mod hasn't been updated in 2 1/2 years. Download "Auto Category - Revised" and you'll be all set.
Link: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...ised.html#info
Last edited by Langeston : 06/02/21 at 08:43 PM.
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Unread 06/02/21, 08:19 PM  

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hey everyone, i downloaded "auto category - revised" and everyting is back to the way it was, for me at least
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Unread 06/02/21, 01:56 PM  

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Auto Category

Please can we have an update for the blackwood chapter...I'm so used to it being so organised now it looks a mess. HELP!!! PLEASE
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Unread 06/02/21, 11:50 AM  

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Exclamation Addon stopped working?

I LOVE this addon ever since I started using it some months ago, I'm hoping since blackwood it still needs to be sorted and that's all that it is,
but my settings are the same but my items are no longer categorized, I got far too spoiled to being able to easily find things "maps/surveys" "weapons" etc and being able to minimize what I didn't want to see as I browse through, everything is one long list of random stuff and my ocd is going nuts lol

esp with over 800 surveys LOL takes a while to scroll through with say 12 surveys, potion, hammer, survey, sugarskulls" etc having those organized in categories is what made this addon the absolute best necessity

everything its updated, I have all the needed libs etc. settings look different though but I don't recall really ever changing anything the first time I installed it some months back.

inventory/craft bag/banks etc is all back to base game style. am I missing something maybe? or just need to wait for updates as blackwood is still fresh? if that's the case I will be patient
either way thank you for this awesome addon, it has been super helpful up to this point.
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Unread 06/02/21, 11:09 AM  
Dingodan's Avatar

Forum posts: 49
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Is the addon still alive? Will we get another update for Blackwood Update 30?
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Unread 03/10/21, 05:00 PM  
Elvis King

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Originally Posted by Blackwolfe
Originally Posted by amoneymaker
Im a total noob regarding thjis, but i realy want to use this addon but it keep giving me this error. PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS, I tried, uninstaling the addon, repairing the game, but nothing work

user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/AutoCategory.lua:24: operator .. is not supported for string .. nil
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/AutoCategory.lua:24: in function 'AutoCategory.RecompileRules'
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/AutoCategory.lua:40: in function 'AutoCategory.UpdateCurrentSavedVars'
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/AutoCategory.lua:237: in function 'AutoCategory.LazyInit'
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/AutoCategory.lua:260: in function 'AutoCategory.Initialize'
user:/AddOns/AutoCategory/AutoCategory.lua:283: in function '(anonymous)'

thank u very much (sopry for myu english, im french)
Switch to the version maintained by Shadowfen.


Thank you so much for posting the one being maintained by Shadowfen !
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Unread 03/05/21, 03:11 AM  

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Question Out of date

Hello, I just download it and it shows out of date. Does this add-on still work?
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Unread 02/01/21, 07:05 PM  

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Would it be possible to get a "new" category for the craft bag? Making it easier and faster to see what's new instead of going through all the categories.

There is one "new" category for the items bag, so just curious if it's possible to add to the craft bag.
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Unread 09/07/20, 05:39 PM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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could you add transmute crystals in the next update?
I already added it manually, looks like this:

["container_currency"] = ITEMTYPE_CONTAINER_CURRENCY

Much appreciated :-)
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Unread 07/20/20, 05:59 PM  
Apox's Avatar

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grabbed this addon in conjunction with betterUI for gamepad mode, could you instruct me on how to set it up so it auto categorizes my armor sets? looking at the addon settings it seems like it should be obvious how to set it up but mine isnt working so im afraid im missing something obvious

it works fine in kb/m ui, but not in gamepad. as i mentioned i am using it in conjunction with betterui
Last edited by Apox : 07/20/20 at 06:00 PM.
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